Chapter 252: Too Tough (Part One)

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This young swordsman from Eastern Ying traveled to Great Sui on a merchant ship of Eastern Chu. Since the merchant ship had to travel to many places, it took a year for him to come here, so he somewhat learned the language of Great Sui. Although he wasn’t fluent, he could express himself and let others understand him.

Therefore, he understood what Gold-Sharing Duke said.

He was enraged and pulled out his longsword. His longsword was similar to the sabers of Great Sui. It was heard that the merchants of Eastern Chu sold the sabers of Great Sui to Eastern Ying, and the latter liked this type of weapon and modified the design, adding curvatures and blood grooves to them.

“Damn it!” the swordsman cursed and pointed his sword toward Gold-Sharing Duke’s forehead while roaring, “It is a death penalty to humiliate the warriors of our nation! I’m going to duel you; the duel won’t stop unless one of us dies!”

Gold-Sharing Duke looked toward the old man sitting on the side and asked, “Are you two going to attack together?”

The old man replied, “I don’t mind you killing this annoying person first.”

Gold-Sharing Duke nodded with a smile.

The swordsman of Eastern Ying was enraged, and he stared back at that old man and roared, “We are on the same boat; how can you work with the enemy?”

The old man laughed, “We have the same goal, but I couldn’t work with a foreigner to kill a member of Great Sui. I will kill him, but I won’t kill him with you.”

The swordsman of Eastern Ying was stunned. “What reasoning is this?”

The old man sneered, “You are only here to work for money; you aren’t on my level.”

“I will kill you first!” the swordsman roared while pointing his swords at this old man.

The old man frowned. “If you point your sword at me a second longer, I will kill you first.”

Perhaps this swordsman had seen this old man’s cultivation strength, he held back his anger even though he was upset. He cursed in his native language and then pointed his sword at Gold-Sharing Duke.

Gold-Sharing Duke said, “Same thing; I will kill you now that you are pointing your sword at me.”

Then, he disappeared after speaking.

The swordsman was stunned; he didn’t expect his enemy to be so fast.

However, this swordsman was famous in his nation and had a ton of combat experience. As soon as Gold-Sharing Duke disappeared, he turned around and slashed his sword backward.

This swordsman’s sword technique was simple. There were no fancy movements, and his sword traveled in a straight line quickly and forcefully.

However, this slash was a miss.

When this swordsman finished his move, he realized that his calculation was off; his enemy wasn’t behind him.

He was startled and jumped back, and he saw Gold-Sharing Duke standing at the original spot. Gold-Sharing Duke disappeared and reappeared as if nothing happened.

Then, the swordsman’s pupils contracted; he saw a fist rapidly enlarging in his vision.

He instantly slashed his sword upward, trying to cut Gold-Sharing Duke’s wrist. However, when his sword got close, Gold-Sharing Duke’s arm suddenly turned at an impossible angle as if it broke on its own. The sword missed, but the punch didn’t.

This punch landed on the swordsman’s nose.

Bam! As if a bottle of ketchup was smashed open, blood instantly splashed out of his nose.

It seemed like Gold-Sharing Duke went easy on him on purpose and didn’t kill him with one punch.

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