Chapter 252: Too Tough (Part Two)

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When the swordsman’s head was knocked back, Gold-Sharing Duke leaped upward and smashed into the chest of the swordsman with his shoulder.

Bam! The swordsman was knocked away like a cannonball, and the old man who was sitting not far away jumped up like an eagle. In a split-second, the swordsman collided with the boulder that the old man sat on.

Crack! The swordsman’s back bent backward 90 degrees, and it was hard to tell how many bones were broken.

Gold-Sharing Duke slowly walked to the swordsman who was on the verge of death and said, “You shouldn’t have come here with such an arrogant attitude; it is quite different here. You need to learn about the world before trying to conquer it.”

After saying that, Gold-Sharing Duke grabbed the swordsman by his robe, lifted him up, and said peacefully, “I really want to release you so that you can tell your peers not to come here arrogantly and bring back shame, but I’m not a member of the Buddhist Sect. Therefore, you can die now.”

He suddenly pushed the swordsman forward, and the latter’s head smashed onto the rock and exploded.

Suddenly, a butler on the other side of the moon-shaped door gasped. He pointed at Gold-Sharing Duke and said in his shaky voice, “You… You aren’t Wu Yidao!”

“Gold-Sharing Duke” slowly opened the long wooden box on the side and took out a long saber. The blade of the saber was as reflective as the mirror, and a layer of frost already formed inside the box.

However, no frost could be seen on the blade; there was only a layer of tiny water droplets.

“Gold-Sharing Duke” grabbed the saber and smiled while praising the person who said those words, “You are smart; you guessed right.”

“Gold-Sharing Duke” pulled on his face and took off a delicate mask, and the young face underneath shocked everyone.

“Fang Jie!”

Several butlers behind the moon-shaped door shouted at the same time, and their expressions turned gloomy.

They were stunned when they first saw “Wu Yidao” killing his way into the backyard of Pine Pavilion. After seeing this young face, their hearts started to lurch.

When Fang Jie imposed as Wu Yidao and killed his way here, these people thought that Wu Yidao was coming back to kill them since most of their forces were sent out of the city to chase after those horse-drawn carriages. Now that it was Fang Jie and not Wu Yidao, they wondered where Wu Yidao was right now.

Fang Jie sighed out of comfort after he took off the mask, and he murmured to himself, “It is so uncomfortable wearing this thing; I didn’t even dare to look at myself in the mirror after the first time. I don’t know what you guys think, but I was startled when I saw myself in the mirror.”

Those butlers looked at each other and didn’t know what Fang Jie wanted to express.

Fang Jie looked toward that old man on the side and said with a smile, “I like what you said earlier; this is a fight between members of Great Sui, and outsiders shouldn’t get involved. Because of this, I want to dissuade you. What is happening isn’t like what you think; you will die with a bad reputation if you linger around. Although I don’t know you, I’m sure you are proud and don’t want to be remembered as a rebel who is despised by everyone, causing your descendants to become slaves and live in shame every day.”

The old man hesitated for a while, but he shook his head in the end. “Since I agreed to help, I can’t go back on my words.”

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