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Conquer the World Chapter 252.3

Chapter 252: Too Tough (Part Three)

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Fang Jie nodded and said, “I knew my words would probably be useless, but I just don’t want cultivation masters of Great Sui to die in internal conflicts. You guys are all the pride of Great Sui and shouldn’t die in dirty schemes.”

The old man was struggling internally, and he asked after a moment of silence, “Do you always try to talk to your enemies like this?”

Fang Jie shook his head and replied with a smile, “No. Because when I came here, I saw someone scaling the wall and escaping. He should be looking for reinforcements, right? Your subordinates are all chasing after those horse-drawn carriages, so that escapee must be going to the person behind all this. If I don’t force you guys to this degree, the person behind all this wouldn’t appear.”

Fang Jie pointed at those butlers with the Morning Dew Saber and said, “Although they aren’t big figures, they know many secrets; they did all the dirty work for those big officials. It is more effective to capture them instead. What do you think the person behind this will react after learning that Wu Yidao came here and captured these butlers?”

Fang Jie answered himself, “He won’t allow this to happen, so he would instantly send cultivation masters to stop Wu Yidao. In his eyes, it is better to kill you all instead of allowing you to be captured.”

He asked with a smile, “But I’m not Wu Yidao; guess where Wu Yidao is right now?”

Those butlers didn’t know, and Fang Jie didn’t know as well. He only knew that Wu Yidao must be in an important place.

“Are you angry and depressed? When you tightened the trap, you discovered that you are in the trap. It must be frustrating. If I were you, I would be so ashamed that I would want to commit suicide.”

Fang Jie seemed proud, announcing his enemies’ defeat as the victor.

“Don’t doubt it. I’m speaking to you not because I’m talkative nor I’m arrogant; I’m waiting for the person behind all this to send reinforcements over. You guys are already trapped and can’t escape. Don’t worry, nothing would happen to the officials behind you today. The ceremony is tomorrow, and civilians would be anxious if many officials are missing. The Emperor likes taking care of his image, so executions would only occur after tomorrow.”

“That is why the morning meeting isn’t over right now; it wouldn’t end today. The Emperor will keep those officials in the Royal Palace until tomorrow morning, and he will bring them to the ceremony directly. However, you guys will be more important tomorrow. After the ceremony, I will give your confession letters to the Emperor. Those of you who act correctly might get their families spared from execution.”

The old man’s face changed color, and he retreated several steps and asked, “You mean… This is a trap that the Emperor created?”

Fang Jie nodded. “You finally realized it.”

After a few seconds of hesitation, this old man kicked the ground and flew out of the yard like a kite, disappearing after a few jumping on top of buildings.

After that old man left, Fang Jie wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “Damn, it isn’t easy to fool people. It is too tough. I don’t know if I can defeat that old guy; subduing others without fighting is the best strategy.”

He smiled and asked those butlers, “Am I good? I fooled you all. The Emperor doesn’t know anything about this today.”

[TL Note: A small climax is coming in the next few chapters! Stay tuned!]

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  1. Muttowsing Sanjay

    Fang Jie uses ‘talk no jutsu’.
    It’s super effective!

  2. blugill

    well he already know but worried with other thing like backstabbing general

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