Chapter 253: Come and Bite Me (Part One)

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Fang Jie did feel a little proud. He didn’t know that old man’s background. If that old man was a level 8 or level 9 cultivation master, Fang Jie wouldn’t be able to deal with him. He was glad that he scared the old man away with his words.

Now, Pine Pavilion only had a group of butlers who didn’t know how to fight. Fang Jie would much rather fight these 20 or so butlers instead of that old man.

“Should you all choose one person among you to tie you guys up?” Fang Jie asked.

“There is no need.” Someone suddenly appeared behind Fang Jie, and Fang Jie knew who it was, so he turned around slowly.

Luo Weiran gave Fang Jie a thumbs-up and said with a smile, “It was impressive how you scared away that old man. However, you are wrong about one thing. You said that the Emperor doesn’t know about this; he does.”

Fang Jie laughed, “It isn’t hard to guess. I only said that to make myself look more impressive to these people. Those big officials are still not back from the morning meeting; I can’t think of a reason other than the Emperor is trying to help.”

“Leave these people to me; they are all important witnesses. Also, the Royal Guard is better at interrogation,” Luo Weiran said, “You should head to the Royal Palace right now.”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “I need to go and find Wu Yidao.”

“His Majesty wants you to go to the Royal Palace right now and wait for him in East Warmth Chamber.”

“That can wait; it isn’t urgent. Wu Yidao’s issue is more urgent. For him to leave Chang’an safely, I even sent Chen Qingshan to protect him.”

Luo Weiran shook his head and said, “I know your plan. Using ten horse-drawn carriages to pull those assassins out of Chang’an and then coming here to control these people who know many secrets. You dared to come to Pine Pavilion because you know it is mostly empty. This isn’t the full plan; you plan to get Wu Yidao out of Chang’an, right? With the chaos going on, Wu Yidao got out of Chang’an in disguise and under Chen Qingshan’s protection. Fang Jie, I warned you before, and so did His Majesty; you shouldn’t get involved in Wu Yidao’s matter.”

Fang Jie shrugged and said, “I’m already involved.”

Luo Weiran sighed, “You don’t mind angering the Emperor?”

Fang Jie said after a moment of silence, “People would always encounter a few tough situations in their lives. If they make the wrong decision, they wouldn’t be able to eat and sleep well for the rest of their lives. I don’t think I’m a good person, but I know gratitude. I thought I wouldn’t help Wu Yidao so that I won’t anger the Emperor, but it isn’t that tough of a decision after I made it.”

Luo Weiran replied, “You won’t regret anything for the rest of your life now that you helped Wu Yidao, but have you considered the fact that you won’t have a life after angering His Majesty?”

“I can’t regret anything if I’m not alive,” Fang Jie whispered with a smile, “Uncle-Master, you have said the things that you should say as an official. Do you have anything to tell me as a senior?”

Luo Weiran glared at him and said, “You can explain yourself to His Majesty. Fortunately, His Majesty believes that you are doing this for Great Sui.”

Fang Jie laughed, “So, I won’t die then?”

“Not right now,” Luo Weiran replied.

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