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Conquer the World Chapter 253.3

Chapter 253: Come and Bite Me (Part Three)

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Upon thinking about this, Fang Jie couldn’t help but think about those daoists from Three Pure Daoist Temple on Wudang Mountain. If they were here to help Royal King Yi, then blood might stain Chang’an.

Since Fang Jie was in a hurry, he was walking fast. Crane-Releasing Pavilion was about eight kilometers away, so it would take some time to get there on foot.

Many pedestrians could be seen on the street, but most of them were walking toward Chang’an.

Fang Jie was like a fish going against the current.

He suddenly froze when he was about three kilometers out of Chang’an.

Someone in a scholarly robe was smiling and waiting for him.

Fang Jie frowned and didn’t expect to meet the person who he had the most suspicion for.

It was Fang Henshui.

“What a coincidence.” Fang Jie put the long wooden box on the ground and said to Fang Henshui with a smile.

Fang Henshui nodded and said, “It sure is. I thought I would return empty-handed, but I’m lucky enough to run into you. Do you think Heaven arranged this encounter because of my obsession?”

Fang Jie laughed, “Sorry, I’m not interested in men.”

Fang Henshui also laughed, “It is meaningless to banter, but I’m indeed interested in you.”

Fang Jie shook his head and asked, “Why is that?”

“You are lucky enough for anyone to feel jealous,” Fang Henshui sighed, “But I’m extremely unlucky; I couldn’t even die when I wanted to. This sure is infuriating.”

Fang Jie nodded. “I got it; you have the inferiority complex.”

Fang Henshui froze for a second and replied, “You are right, but I won’t feel this way after I kill you.”

Fang Jie asked after a moment of silence, “Aren’t you afraid of wasting all your prior efforts in hiding? If you pretended not to see me, no one would know your identity.”

“Huh?” Fang Henshui was surprised. “You know who I am?”

Fang Jie shook his head and said, “I didn’t know; I was only suspicious of you. Now that you blocked my way, I know who you are. Fang Henshui, I’m really curious as to how a person like you became a powerful cultivation master. I need to figure this out before killing you.”

Fang Henshui laughed and stretched out his arms, sending an aggressive wind outward.

The pedestrians on the public road who looked at them with curiosity were all blown to the ground.

“If you don’t want to die, then get the f*ck away!” Fang Henshui roared coldly, and those pedestrians looked at each other and quickly walked away, emptying this section of the road.

“Do you really think that you can kill me?” Fang Henshui sneered, “I was a wastrel who couldn’t cultivate before, but I’m way stronger than you now. What about you? Even though your body is tough, you are a wastrel who still can’t cultivate. Even if I kill you now, the worse is that I can’t stay in Great Sui anymore. If I go to other nations, I would be treated as the most honorable guest because of my strength. Even though the Emperor likes you, you are nothing but a dog. I’m in control of my life, but you still need to bend your back to survive. I’m much stronger than you.”

Fang Jie slowly opened the long wooden box and shook his head. “Low self-esteem sure can drive a person crazy. You just can’t wait to say that you are stronger than me. I’m doing everything for myself, but you are doing everything because you are crazy.”

He looked up at Fang Henshui and added, “What are you waiting for? Come and bite me.”

[TL Note: Finally a big face-off between Fang Jie and Fang Henshui! It has been brewing for a while now.]

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    Love this story ao far! Thank you for the translations, quality stuff.

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