Chapter 254: White Lotus, Black Lotus (Part One)

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Fang Henshui looked around and saw that pedestrians were all more than 100 meters away from him.

Although the pedestrians didn’t know what was happening, they liked drama, so more and more people gathered and cheered when they saw Fang Jie taking out a long saber from the wooden box.

The pedestrians were all excited, and some even whistled. A few young men shouted, “Just fight! Don’t waste time.”

Although the pedestrians didn’t dare to approach, they didn’t want to miss a battle. However, they didn’t know that this was going to be a death battle.

Seeing Fang Jie taking out his saber, Fang Henshui sneered, “You are just a wastrel who couldn’t cultivate. What can do you with an excellent saber? You can’t approach me, so you can’t win.”

Fang Jie was too lazy to say more things. He stabbed the Morning Dew Saber into the ground and took off the sapphire fancy robe that was a little stained with blood, showing a set of more fitting clothes. Then, he tied the cuffs to his wrists and the bottom of his pants to his ankles.

After taking a deep breath, he grabbed his long saber, and his eyes looked extremely clear.

Fang Henshui didn’t seem to see Fang Jie as a threat; he allowed Fang Jie to get prepared.

“Are you ready to die now?” he asked Fang Jie.

Fang Jie ignored him, making Fang Henshui who was conceited a little angry.

Fang Henshui took a few steps forward and pointed at Fang Jie. “You can die now!”

A streak of invisible finger force dashed out of his fingers; this was similar to Chenya’s technique called Flower-Picking Finger.

Fang Jie battled Chenya before, so he knew that compared to Xie Fuyao’s Four Symbol Finger, this attack was more direct but lacked variations and changes.

Fang Jie tilted his body slightly forward, and he suddenly raised the Morning Dew Saber to his forehead after a second of pause.

Tink! Fang Jie’s hand that was holding the saber shivered, but he accurately blocked Fang Henshui’s Flower-Picking Finger.

Fang Henshui’s finger force didn’t do any damage to the Morning Dew Saber, making Fang Henshui frown and surprising him.

His finger force wasn’t that fast, so it didn’t create any traces in the air. Since those who couldn’t cultivate wouldn’t be able to detect his finger force, he instantly wondered if Fang Jie could now cultivate.

However, he quickly tossed this idea out of his head.

He believed that Fang Jie predicted his attack.

He knew that Fang Jie was once a border soldier and had a ton of combat experience. These people knew the fastest way of killing people and could predict their opponents’ moves. Throat, heart, and forehead were all vital points, and penetrating someone’s head was the most effective way of killing.

Seeing Fang Jie lower his center of gravity and rush forward, Fang Henshui sent out five finger forces. Three were in the front and two were in the back.

The three in the front were fast and created air-piercing noises, and the two in the back were light and didn’t make any sounds. The three in the front were distractions, and the two in the back were the true attacks.

What happened next stunned Fang Henshui.

Fang Jie waved his saber five times while moving forward, precisely blocking all five finger forces. Morning Dew was too tough, so the finger forces couldn’t damage it.

“How is this possible?” Fang Henshui was stunned.

Fang Jie was now less than five meters away, so Fang Henshui raised his hands and faced his palms toward Fang Jie.

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