Chapter 254: White Lotus, Black Lotus (Part Two)

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Two streaks of powerful internal force shot out, and they dashed toward Fang Jie like two giant pythons.

Fang Jie kicked the ground and jumped up, and one streak of internal force just scraped by him. However, the other streak of internal force was aimed straight at his body.

Fang Jie twisted his body at an unimaginable angle in mid-air, and he slashed his saber toward that streak of internal force.

Whoosh! The Morning Dew Saber cut that streak of invisible python-like internal force in the middle, leaving Fang Jie unharmed.

Now, Fang Jie was only three meters away.

Fang Henshui furrowed his brows even more. He was sure that Fang Jie wasn’t predicting his attacks. Without sensing the movements of the forces of nature, no one could dodge attacks this accurately. It meant that Fang Jie could now cultivate. Since he was still relying on close-range combat, he must have recently started to sense the forces of nature.

Dodging the attacks of cultivators only required a great body and the detection of the forces of nature.

This was beyond Fang Henshui’s expectation!

He suddenly opened his hands, and a net made of internal force spread toward Fang Jie. The net was dense, so Fang Henshui was sure that his opponent would be cut into small pieces.

The net was three meters by three meters, and the two of them were already close to each other; Fang Jie couldn’t dodge even if he sensed it.

If the net landed on Fang Jie, he would be cut into pieces.

As soon as the net appeared, Fang Jie’s legs unleashed explosive strength. His unparalleled physique gave him unimaginable strength.

Boom! The tough public road concaved downward, and dust instantly flew into the air.

The net instantly dashed through the dust and left a long trace.

Fang Jie bent his body forward and shrunk into the pit. As soon as the net flew by him, Fang Jie leaped out and struck his saber at Fang Henshui’s head. This strike was powerful and could destroy a mountain.

At this moment, the darkness reappeared in Fang Henshui’s eyes, and his expression turned wicked.

Just like how he grabbed Mo Wanwu’s giant fists in that battle, Fang Henshui raised his hands and formed an invisible lotus with his internal force.

With Fang Jie’s strength, he couldn’t break this lotus apart.

As the darkness intensified in Fang Henshui’s eyes, the lotus in his hands became clearer. If one didn’t look carefully, it would seem like he was holding a small dark cloud, and the Morning Dew Saber was glued inside it.

“Ditch the saber!” Fang Henshui roared, and a streak of internal force separated from the lotus and aimed toward Fang Jie’s arms.

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“Ditch the saber!” Like a poisonous snake, a streak of Fang Henshui’s internal force quickly dashed toward Fang Jie’s arms. The tip of this streak of internal force was like the fang of a snake.

It was a huge shame for people in the martial arts circle to be forced to ditch their weapons.

Many of them said that they would only let go of their sabers after they died. However, Fang Jie was never a typical person. After Fang Henshui told him to ditch his saber, he said ok and actually let go of the saber in his right hand.

While surprise appeared in Fang Henshui’s eyes, Fang Jie’s left hand pulled out the broken saber that the crippled old man gave him from his back.

With his left hand holding the broken Blood Slaughter Saber, Fang Jie used One Saber Strike.

The two of them were close tough for the broken saber to reach Fang Henshui, and One Saber Strike was unpredictable.

Plush! Fang Henshui’s robe was cut in the chest, and a wound could be seen underneath.

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