Chapter 254: White Lotus, Black Lotus (Part Three)

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Fang Henshui gasped and instantly retreated, and the dark-cloud-like lotus instantly disappeared while a few drops of blood fell.

Before Fang Henshui could check his injury, Fang Jie already grabbed the Morning Dew Saber with his right hand and dashed forward.

Fang Jie was clearly inferior to Fang Henshui in terms of the light-body skill, but his physique was powerful enough for him to be extremely fast.

When he dashed forward, two small pits appeared in the public road from his stomp.

Dust instantly flew into the air, and the Morning Dew Saber was sharply aimed at Fang Henshui’s throat.

Fang Henshui never expected to be pushed to this extreme; he was even injured.

He knew that Fang Jie’s physique was strong, but he didn’t think Fang Jie was harder to deal with than Mo Wanwu. Mo Wanwu was a professor of the Martial Arts Academy; how could he be a professor without great cultivation strength?

Since Fang Henshui killed Mo Wanwu easily, he didn’t think it would be hard to deal with Fang Jie who couldn’t even cultivate.

While he was stunned, Fang Jie’s attack quickly approached. Although he was confident in the toughness of his body, he didn’t dare to test the sharpness of the Morning Dew Saber.

He flicked his finger, and two three-petal lotuses quickly formed in front of him, looking like two pieces of crystals.

As soon as the tip of the saber touched one white lotus, Fang Jie felt like a strong electric current flowed through the Morning Dew Saber and struck his arm.

His sleeve was instantly on fire, and the strong force and blazing heat almost made him drop the saber.

Right now, the fire was burning along his sleeve and getting close to his face!

It was a strange fire; it burned much hotter than normal flame. Even with Fang Jie’s powerful physique, the pain was unbearable as if it burned his bones. It had to be mentioned that Fang Jie wouldn’t feel a thing if he was burned by ordinary fires.

If the chilliness of the Morning Dew Saber wasn’t there, Fang Jie felt like his entire right arm would be burning.

Without hesitation, he swung the saber and sent the white lotus at the tip of the saber flying.

After flying for about 15 meters, the white lotus exploded. Although it was the size of a peach, it contained enough terrifying power to put a deep hole that was about three meters in diameter into the public road.

The pedestrians in the area all gasped upon seeing this.

If Fang Jie hesitated and allowed this white lotus to explode, he would be severely injured even if he didn’t die.

Seeing this white lotus, Fang Jie instantly thought about that old monk, and he suddenly understood something.

However, the imminent danger didn’t give him more time to think.

After the first white lotus was knocked away, the second one got to Fang Jie. There was no way that he could dodge again!

The crystallized white lotus floated in the air and was only half a meter away from Fang Jie’s face.

A black light flashed in Fang Henshui’s black eyes, and the white lotus quickly turned black. It was clear that the black lotus was far more powerful than the white lotus.

Even though Fang Jie’s physique was strong, he couldn’t dodge in time.

The black lotus was about to bloom in Fang Jie’s face.

Fang Henshui dashed back and sneered. His expression was so vicious that he seemed like a beast that caught food. Some colors appeared in his black cloudy eyes, and pride could be seen.

[TL Note: A bit of MC’s background is going to be revealed soon. Sorry for the late release; the schedule was a bit off.]

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