Chapter 255: Red Lotus (Part One)

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The crystalized three-petal white lotus was about half a meter away from Fang Jie.

Right now, Fang Jie had just knocked away the white lotus on the tip of the Morning Dew Saber.

When he turned around, he saw the second white lotus turning black and enlarging in size; it would probably explode in the next second.

Fang Jie’s pupils instantly contracted, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat. He thought he could battle cultivation masters now. After all, Xie Fuyao was a level 7 master, and he couldn’t win for sure if he was to battle Fang Jie to the death.

In the beginning, Fang Jie dodged Fang Henshui’s attacks since he could detect the forces of nature, and he got closed and even injured Fang Henshui with the broken Blood Slaughter Saber.

Fang Jie had the advantage, and he thought he was going to win.

However, the white lotuses that Fang Henshui threw out shattered Fang Jie’s pride.

Powerful attacks from cultivation masters were unpredictable. A few seconds ago, Fang Jie pushed Fang Henshui to a corner and even injured him. However, Fang Jie was now burned by one white lotus and might get killed by the second one.

This lotus had turned completely black, and it was extremely close to Fang Jie; he couldn’t dodge.

Fang Jie stopped breathing while his face paled. He instantly felt the unwillingness to die.

He had the advantage, but he was about to be killed by this black lotus.

Was there no way to win against a level 7 cultivation master as someone who couldn’t use the forces of nature?

Fang Jie was angry and unwilling to accept this defeat.

He stared at the black lotus with intensity as if that could melt it.

Fang Henshui had already jumped away, and he smiled proudly. Although he was put into a disheveled situation, he was still the victor.

This black lotus was far stronger than the white lotus; it was his most powerful attack. As long as the black lotus exploded, even a rock would be turned into powder if it was within five meters of the lotus. Fang Henshui was even sure that Fang Jie would die if he was within ten meters of the explosion.

Fang Henshui felt like the victory was already in his hands.

He could feel Fang Jie’s anger and unwillingness; he had felt the same way before.

Fang Jie was extremely lucky, and the entire Great Sui saw him as a rare genius who was the second to obtain all nine excellent ratings during the entrance exam of the Martial Arts Academy.

Fang Henshui was only a police chief from a remote county, and his life would be ordinary if he didn’t come to Chang’an.

Since he experienced unimaginable pain and torment, he had become a powerful figure.

He could now even look at Fang Jie, the pride of the Martial Arts Academy, in pity.

He always thought about how to kill Fang Jie; he wondered if he should kill Fang Jie right away or torture him slowly.

Now, he suddenly realized that he didn’t care at all; his name would be renowned if he killed Fang Jie.

A police chief from a small fishing village in Yangtze-South killing the future star of Great Sui; that sure seemed like an exciting event.

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