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Conquer the World Chapter 256.1

Chapter 256: Devour (Part One)

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Fang Jie had never felt this good in his life. His eyes had turned red a few times, but he always thought that it was the telltale sign of the return of the excruciating pain in his abdomen.

Later, he realized that these two things weren’t related.

For several times, he was in a dizzy state and didn’t know what was happening.

However, it was different this time; his mind was clear, and he was calmer than usual.

The world in his eyes was different. It was colorful before, but it was all red now.

He could still see everything clearly, but humans weren’t the same. It looked like they were dissected; their clothes were vague while the inside of their bodies was clear.

When looking at Fang Henshui, Fang Jie could see the facial features, but this man’s body only had a red outer shape. His meridians, organs, and even the sea of qi were clearly visible in Fang Jie’s eyes.

Fang Jie could even see Fang Henshui’s heart beating fast, so he was sure that Fang Henshui was nervous right now.

Then, Fang Jie smiled and looked down at the red lotus floating above his fingertip. He could also see the spider-web-like meridians inside this lotus. The forces of nature were circulating inside this lotus, and it seemed like a gentle kitten; it wasn’t chaotic at all like before.

However, Fang Jie was sure that if he tossed the red lotus out, it could explode Fang Henshui into pieces.

Fang Jie looked up from this lotus and stared at Fang Henshui who was about seven meters away.

He realized that Fang Henshui’s sea of qi was massive with a ton of internal force, and the internal force was flowing through the various qi-points. It was clear that Fang Henshui was extremely alerted right now; he could make fast movements if Fang Jie moved, and his internal force could empower his movements, putting him in his prime.

Right now, Fang Jie was so thrilled that he almost cheered.

Being able to see the flow of internal force in people’s bodies was a huge advantage in battle. Before someone made a move, Fang Jie would be able to predict it and respond beforehand. He was greatly pleased by this discovered ability

After his eyes turned red and that black lotus turned into a red lotus, the fire burning on Fang Jie’s right arm also extinguished without leaving a mark.

Fang Jie tried to move his muscles and instantly sensed great power.

He couldn’t help but smile and march forward.

Fang Henshui’s expression turned gloomy; he never expected his enemy to have such a transformation.

Fang Henshui had the advantage a moment ago, but the table had been turned. Although he didn’t know how powerful Fang Jie was right now, the powerlessness he felt quickly intensified.

He hated Wisdom, but he also feared Wisdom; that was why he remembered everything Wisdom had said to him.

His heart started to race when he recalled the secrets about the Buddhist Sect that Wisdom had told him.

Wisdom told him that if he saw someone with pure red eyes, he should kneel and worship; he couldn’t do anything else.

However, Fang Henshui wasn’t willing to accept the fact that Fang Jie was the type of person that Wisdom talked about.

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