Chapter 257: Nasty (Part One)

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Fang Jie couldn’t stop Fang Henshui from killing those three royal guards. After he threw out the red lotus, all his strength was pulled out of his body. After he landed on the ground after being pushed away by the explosion, he almost collapsed.

Now, Fang Jie woke up from that fascinating feeling. His body had no internal force. Even though he didn’t feel the pressure when holding the red lotus, he realized how hard it was to control this red lotus when he tried to shoot it out. He only sent it flying by concentrating all his physical strength in his right hand.

At that moment, he sensed a slight bit of change in the forces of nature around him.

He had discussed this with Qiu Yu and wondered if he could control the forces of nature outside his body without absorbing them. Although Qiu Yu didn’t reject this hypothesis, she said that it would be extremely difficult. The forces of nature had no minds of their own, so the only way to control them was to turn them into one’s internal force.

However, when Fang Jie shot the red lotus toward Fang Henshui, he clearly sensed that he controlled a tiny bit of the forces of nature and guided the red lotus toward Fang Henshui.

After Fang Jie landed, he instantly tried to reminisce about that sensation.

On the other hand, Fang Henshui had eaten three human hearts.

After eating the first one, the wound on his chest gradually disappeared. After the second one, his depleted internal force started to replenish. After the third one, he had fully recovered, and his eyes turned black again.

Fang Jie knew that he couldn’t let Fang Henshui continue to eat human hearts.

He took a deep breath to calm down. Then, he dashed toward Fang Henshui after picking up the Morning Dew Saber on the ground.

When Fang Jie charged forward with Blood Slaughter in his left hand and Morning Dew in his right hand, Fang Henshui captured the fourth royal guard. He put a big hole into the head of this royal guard before devouring the blood of this royal guard by biting his artery in his neck.

The royal guard’s body quickly deflated and shrunk in size.

Then, Fang Henshui dug out his heart and ate it in a few seconds.

When Fang Henshui heard footsteps behind him, he let go of that dried-up corpse.

Right now, Fang Henshui’s eyes were so black that it felt like ink was about to ooze out. His veins bulged on his face, and many green lines popped out, creating many bizarre patterns and looking like a spider web.

The terrifying transformation made him look like a real demon.

Fang Jie felt like the redness in his eyes gradually faded, and he knew that he must defeat Fang Henshui before he got out of his prime state.

The red eyes made him extremely powerful, but it was frustrating that he couldn’t control his red eyes. He increased his speed to the max and attacked Fang Henshui.

Fang Henshui laughed like a maniac as blood flowed out of his mouth.

He didn’t dodge and reached toward the Morning Dew Saber with his hand.

Fang Jie’s saber spun in the air a little and cut off four of Fang Henshui’s fingers. At this moment, it seemed like Fang Henshui had lost his mind; he forgot that Fang Jie was holding a precious saber that could easily cut through metal.

Fang Henshui’s body was extremely tough after receiving the inheritance of the Buddhist Sect, but he still couldn’t block the sharp blade.

Fang Henshui screamed in pain after his fingers were cut, but he still didn’t dodge; his hand struck toward Fang Jie’s chest.

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