Chapter 258: Deserved to Die (Part One)

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Seeing Fang Jie walk away and knowing that his ending would be tragic if he fell into the hands of the Royal Guard, Fang Henshui begged with his hoarse voice, “Please don’t go. If you promise me that you will save my life, I will be useful to you. I will recover in a while, and I can help you kill anyone you want!”

Fang Jie paused his steps again, looked at Fang Henshui, and asked with a smile, “Like what you did for Wisdom? I’m afraid that you might eat me like how you ate Wisdom. After you were captured by Wisdom, it seems like you tried everything you could to survive; you would rather be a slave than die. It is only normal since most people are afraid of death, but what you did to survive was disgusting.”

Fang Henshui lost the ability to move since he was so heavily injured. He could only move his fingers slightly and beg, “Fang Jie, trust me. I’m a level 8 cultivation master; I will become a level 9 cultivation master soon! I will be of great help!”

Fang Jie shook his head. “I already have a level 9 cultivation master.”

“I also know many secrets about the Buddhist Sect,” Fang Henshui said in a hurry, “Do you know that there are four heavenly lords in the Buddhist Sect? Wisdom only ranked second. His senior brother is called Great Freedom, and they had a huge conflict. The Buddhist Sect isn’t united; Wisdom got schemed by Great Freedom!”

“Also, Chenya! Chenya is Wisdom’s most trusted disciple, but he sold out Wisdom in the end. Otherwise, Wisdom wouldn’t watch you kill Chenya without retaliation.”

“The Buddhist Sect. The Great Wheel Wisdom King of the Buddhist Sect came out of his seclusive cultivation! A powerful person of Great Sui traveled west, and the members of the Buddhist Sect couldn’t block him! Only the Great Wheel Wisdom King could hold him down! Also…”

Fang Jie frowned and said, “Enough. What does this have to do with me?”

Fang Henshui swallowed some saliva with difficulty and said, “There is a connection between you and the Buddhist Sect! Your red eyes exposed your identity! You must be a member of the Buddhist Sect, right?”

Fang Jie froze for a second; this triggered the biggest question in his mind.

He walked back to Fang Henshui, sat down, said to him seriously, “Tell me; what is going on with my red eyes?”

Seeing that he had piqued Fang Jie’s interest, Fang Henshui relaxed for a bit and said, “I will tell you everything as long as you promise me that you will keep me alive.”

Fang Jie replied, “If you want to live, you need to prove that you have value. You don’t have to tell me the secrets you know; just talk about the secrets that both of us know.”

“Do you want to test me? Since your eyes could turn completely red, you must be a member of the Buddhist Sect!” Fang Henshui said in a hurry.

Fang Jie was silent and kept on looking at him.

Fang Henshui said after a moment of silence, “Wisdom said that the inheritance of the Buddhist Sect is mysterious; it isn’t what you think. I did eat Wisdom to obtain my cultivation strength; that was because he was going to eat me first. If I didn’t eat him, he would haunt me forever! It was nasty! He was old and tough; it took me three days to eat him!”

Fang Jie instantly felt like throwing up when he imagined the scene.

Fang Henshui said, “That day, he tried to fool me by telling me that he will give me some of his cultivation strength so that I could go out of the cave and find food. You should know that the royal guards had surrounded the mountain and were trying to find us using mastiff dogs. We hid in the cave under a giant tree for several days by relying on the feign death technique. After the royal guards left, I was so hungry that I had no energy left. Wisdom told me to find food, but I couldn’t move.”

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