Chapter 259: Reunion (Part One)

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The royal guards rushed over in about one hour, and the leader was Meng Wudi, the Deputy of the Intelligence Department and an acquaintance of Fang Jie.

When Fang Jie was locked up in the secret prison of the Royal Guard, he had chatted with this single-armed man many times.

Fang Jie later learned that Meng Wudi lost his arm because of him.

After arriving, Meng Wudi looked at the corpse in the pit and Fang Jie who appeared disheveled.

“Who is this?” Meng Wudi asked.

Fang Jie leaned on one side of the pit and saw the tobacco pipe hanging on Meng Wudi’s belt, so he waved his hand.

Meng Wudi frowned slightly but still took it off. He filled the pipe with tobacco, ignited it with a flint, and passed it to Fang Jie.

Fang Jie took a deep inhale and blew out the smoke in comfort.

“Fang Henshui,” he replied calmly.

Meng Wudi’s face changed color, and he quickly walked to the corpse and inspected it. Then, he shook his head and said, “Your hits sure were heavy; I almost couldn’t tell that this is a human corpse.”

While saying that, a trace of concern flashed in his eyes.

Fang Henshui had killed Professor Mo Wanwu of the Martial Arts Academy; it was something that Meng Wudi couldn’t do. Although he wasn’t sure about Mo Wanwu’s cultivation level, the professors of the Martial Arts Academy weren’t weak.

Now, this vicious murderer died at Fang Jie’s hand.

Fang Jie smiled and shook his head. “Bro, if I didn’t risk my life and use everything I got, who would be lying here?”

Meng Wudi nodded and carefully checked the injuries on Fang Henshui’s corpse, then he sighed, “This guy’s physique is special. If you were battling someone else, you would have killed him ten times.”

Fang Jie replied, “Once is enough.”

Meng Wudi stood up, waved his hand, and ordered two of his subordinates, “Take this corpse back to the Royal Guard. He was a wanted criminal; seal his corpse after doing the autopsy. Wait for the Royal Guard Captain to inspect the corpse later.”

Those two royal guards nodded and moved away Fang Henshui’s corpse.

Meng Wudi suddenly stopped them after a moment of silence. Then, he walked close and suddenly stabbed his saber into Fang Henshui’s heart before twisting it.

Fang Jie frowned when he saw this.

Meng Wudi pulled out his saber and cleaned off the blood on it with a white handkerchief. “The Royal Guard has been chasing after him for a long time…”

Fang Jie nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

Meng Wudi grabbed the tobacco pipe that Fang Jie handed back to him, then he squatted down beside Fang Jie and inhaled some smoke. He said earnestly, “He was a criminal who the Emperor asked about. The Royal Guard already looks useless since we couldn’t capture him quickly. If it wasn’t for you, we won’t even know what he looks like. If His Majesty asks you about this and learns that no royal guards were around when you killed him, the Royal Guard would be reprimanded…”

Fang Jie nodded and said, “You killed him; I just happened to walk by and battled him for a while.”

Meng Wudi looked at Fang Jie with gratitude and said, “I owe you this one.”

Fang Jie smiled and shook his head. “It isn’t a big deal.”

Meng Wudi inhaled and exhaled a ton of smoke while saying, “You probably know that the Royal Guard isn’t in a good position right now. I’m not afraid of telling you this; His Majesty moved royal guards away from the ceremony tomorrow. There are some scums in the Royal Guard, and a disgraceful thing that you don’t know about had happened, so it makes sense that His Majesty doesn’t trust the Royal Guard anymore. However, we can’t just accept it. If we don’t earn any merits, the Royal Guard will be disbanded! The Royal Guard has more than 100 years of history; we can’t just watch it being destroyed in our hands.”

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