Chapter 26: Slaughter (Part Two)

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-The City of Fangu-

On the fourth day that Fang Jie left the city, a team of about 200 elite cavalrymen charged to the east gate through the public road. Although the chain armor that these cavalrymen were wearing got a layer of dust on them, others could still tell that they were delicate as an iron layer was inside. Each set of armor weighed about 40 kilograms.

The cavalrymen were all muscular figures and weighed more than 75 kilograms. With their heavy armor, weapons, and belongings, ordinary warhorses couldn’t run this fast with these cavalrymen on them.

Heavy armor, iron helmets, red capes, and long-handled sabers.

With the addition of the golden dragon flags of Great Sui that shone under the sunlight, this battalion of cavalrymen looked magnificent. Although there weren’t that many people, it felt like tens of thousands of soldiers were here.

It was tough to see a team full of cavalrymen, and it was even harder to see a heavy cavalry battalion.

Due to the trade restrictions of Mongo-Yuan, the clans on the grassland couldn’t sell warhorses to Great Sui, and those kingdoms in the west also couldn’t trade warhorses with Great Sui.

Although Great Sui was vast and rich, the lack of great warhorses made every emperor of Great Sui want to curse.

Since the establishment of Great Sui, cavalrymen were the soldiers that generals dreamed of.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Great Sui had 16 Guards, and each of them had about 50,000 soldiers. Six Guards protected the Capital, and they were Left Reverent Guard, Right Reverent Guard, Left Martial Guards, Right Martial Guards, Left Command Guard, and Right Command Guard. Together, they were known as the Imperial Six Guards. There were more than 300,000 elite soldiers, but there were less than 20,000 cavalrymen.

It was even hard to create light cavalrymen, let alone heavy cavalrymen.

Except for the Imperial Six Guards, only Right Valiant Guard had 500 heavy cavalrymen, and Great General Li Yuanshan used about five years to create them. Great Sui didn’t lack money or iron, but it was hard to find 500 warhorses that could carry the soldiers who were in heavy armor.

Right Valiant Guard only obtained these 500 top-tier warhorses using various channels. They even risked being punished by the central government and starting a war by robbing the envoy group from the Tusi Kingdom in the west that was here to see the Emperor of Great Sui.

Soldiers of Right Valiant Guard disguised as bandits, tied the members of the envoy group, and threw them onto the public road. The hundreds of warhorses were all taken.

Li Yuanshan was behind this operation, and he knew that he couldn’t fool the Emperor.

In reality, after hearing the Prince of Tusi cry and complain, the Emperor knew what happened. He comforted this envoy group and gifted them with a ton of silk and porcelains.

Then, His Majesty wrote a letter to Li Yuanshan to curse at him.

Seeing the letter, Li Yuanshan laughed instead of worrying.

The content of the letter was interesting.

[Idiot! It took me a lot of effort to fool the kingdoms in the west to send envoy groups to Great Sui, but you robbed the first one! How would the rest dare to come? Fool! Can’t you rob them on their way back?]

These 500 heavy cavalrymen were Li Yuanshan’s personal soldiers.

Therefore, after the soldiers of Fangu recognized these cavalrymen, they instantly opened the gate and didn’t even check the token that the Captain in the front showed. Mongo-Yuan lacked iron, so they didn’t invest in heavy cavalrymen. Besides, the cavalrymen on the grassland focused on speed.

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