Chapter 26: Slaughter (Part Three)

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Although the power of heavy cavalrymen was insane, their speed couldn’t be compared to light cavalrymen.

The Captain in the lead didn’t even talk to the soldiers of Fangu and went directly toward Li Xiaozong’s residence.

At the gate of Li Xiaozong’s residence, the guards instantly walked up to stop these strangers. The Captain was too lazy to talk, so he tossed over the token before getting off the horse and walking in.

Only a heavy cavalrymen captain was this arrogant. It seemed like the rumors that said the soldiers of Right Valiant Guard were all reckless were true.

When hearing the noises, Li Xiaozong walked out of his study and glared at this captain. He said, “Even if you are a captain under the Great General’s command, did you forget the military laws of Great Sui? Why aren’t you saluting? Before the official punishes come, I’m still the rank 5 major of Fangu!”

That captain froze for a second and snorted before causally saluting. Then, he said, “Tell others to leave. The Great General is here.”

Li Xiaozong was shocked, and his heart lurched.

The brazier in the room was moved out since Great General Li Yuanshan didn’t like the ashes that would float up. His nose was sensitive, and he would feel uncomfortable when smelling the odor of ashes.

This issue wasn’t serious when Li Yuanshan was in the Capital, but it worsened when he came to the northwest that was cold and dry. Since he couldn’t stand the smell of ashes, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Li Yuanshan who was in an ordinary soldier’s uniform observed the decors of the study and looked displeased.

As the Great General of Right Valiant Guard, he would be punished by the government if others learned that he left the encampment without orders from the Emperor or the Ministry of War. Although Li Yuanshan was arrogant, he wasn’t a fool.

“Do you know why I’m here?” he asked as he looked at a painting on the wall; a tiger was coming down a mountain.

“Because Wu Peisheng died,” Li Xiaozong who was kneeling replied; this was all the trouble. Compared to the slight corruption and the military opening a gambling house, Wu Peisheng’s death was more significant.

“No.” Li Yuanshan turned around and said with anger, “You didn’t do it cleanly! Since Wu Peisheng had to die, then everything should be clean! There are still many people in the military who know about this. Why didn’t you kill them? Also, that Fang Jie; why didn’t you eliminate all risks?”

Li Xiaozong replied with a bitter smile, “I already lost the support of the military.”

“The support of about only 800 soldiers is nothing!” Li Yuanshan snorted and asked, “Do the residents of the city know the truth?”


“That is good… slaughtering an entire city is a bit troublesome.”

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