Chapter 260: Wait (Part One)

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-Royal King Yi’s residence-

Qin Liuqi looked at Royal King Yi carefully and said after a moment of hesitation, “Your Highness, it seems like the Emperor is a bit aware of what is going to happen tomorrow. Should we make another plan? There is still time for Your Highness to leave the city, and we can protect Your Highness back to your feudal land. It is chaotic in the northwest now; the government wouldn’t have the time and energy right now to deal with us.”

Royal King Yi snorted and sat down on a chair that had a sheet of white tiger fur as the covering, then he drank a bit of the wine in his crystal cup that came from the other side of the sea.

“Qin Liuqi, I did say that you only use about 60 to 70 percent of your brain. If I want to leave, who can block me? Even though my fourth brother is alerted, he can’t think through my plan. To stabilize the civilians and officials, the ceremony will still happen tomorrow. As long as the ceremony occurs, I’m still in control. Others don’t know how many hidden cards I have and how I’m going to use them.”

Qin Liuqi whispered, “I just feel like it is too risky.”

“Risky?” Royal King Yi smiled proudly and said, “Nothing good in life comes without a fight. Also, I know the Emperor too well. You are right about one thing; the northwest is chaotic, and the government can’t gather enough soldiers in a short time. However, compared to the three circuits in the northwest, the Emperor would kill me first before doing anything else! Everyone knows what is going on!”

Royal King Yi looked at the wine in his cup and said chillingly, “I have the advantage tomorrow. I know all the hidden cards that the Emperor has, but he doesn’t know mine. If I lose tomorrow, I would be too ashamed to do anything else in life. I started planning more than ten years ago, and it got delayed until today for many reasons. A good opportunity finally appeared; how can I let it go?”

He paused for a second and said, “About 12 years ago, I told Li Yuanshan to lie to the Emperor and say that the cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan were planning to come to Chang’an and assassinate him. I knew that my seventh brother couldn’t sit still. My seventh brother is one of the Emperor’s more important aids, so I couldn’t do anything if he is in Chang’an. No one knew how powerful my seventh brother was at the time. No one could block him!”

“Fortunately, the scheme 12 years ago worked. My seventh brother was loyal to the Emperor and hated the Buddhist Sect. When he heard that cultivation masters of Mongo-Yuan were going to sneak into Great Sui, he wasn’t going to let it happen. That was why he traveled to the west. Li Yuanshan did a great job setting up the scheme. He fooled the Emperor as well as Mongo-Yuan. In the end, the cultivation masters of Great Sui and Mongo-Yuan battled at Fangu.”

“I thought I could get rid of my seventh brother, but he killed all the enemies at Fangu. When I thought he was defeated, he killed his way onto the Great Snow Mountain! What a proud idiot; he really thought he was invincible,” Royal King Yi sighed, “I also got a little too arrogant because my seventh brother was tied down in the northwest, and I tried to exterminate all his forces in Chang’an. However, that aroused the Emperor’s suspicion, and I was kicked out of the government since then. If my mother didn’t protect me, perhaps I would have been confined in my feudal land. That small mistake delayed the plan for more than ten years! Now, I already have white hair. I can’t wait any longer. Everything is prepared, and I’m only waiting for the final strike tomorrow.”

Qin Liuqi lowered his head and said, “Your Highness’ calculation is impeccable.”

Royal King Yi shook his head and replied, “Impeccable? If that were the case, I wouldn’t have trusted Li Yuanshan. That guy’s ambition is huge! He is only a small character; how dare he try to fight over Great Sui with me? Even when I’m fighting others, I wouldn’t hand over a piece of Great Sui to Mongo-Yuan. Li Yuanshan is a b*stard! As a member of Great Sui, he is bending his knees toward the savages of Mongo-Yuan! I will execute him as soon as I take the throne!”

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