Chapter 261: The Truth (Part One)

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Tai Chi Palace looked just the same as before.

When Fang Jie, Mu Xiaoyao, and Chen Qingshan walked in, they saw no additional royal soldiers and royal guards.

However, Fang Jie knew that this was only the surface. People were probably all tense in here.

Royal King Yi planned on rebelling, but there would be no direct evidence if he didn’t act on it.

Yang Yin was a careful person; it was difficult to tie him to any crime based on what he did in the Worldwide Trading Company. Even though the Emperor was suspicious of Royal King Yi, he couldn’t arrest a royal king at will.

Also, Fang Jie knew that the Emperor was waiting for Royal King Yi to move first. Perhaps the Emperor planned on capturing all the rebels in one go. However, he didn’t know why the Emperor was so confident.

Right now, the Emperor seemed calm, and Royal King Yi was also stable. These two brothers seemed similar in this aspect.

Perhaps all members of the Royal Clan had this unique temperament.

Eunuch Wu Three led Fang Jie, Mu Xiaoyao, and Chen Qingshan forward, and he intentionally slowed down and got close to Fang Jie when no one was around.

“The war in the northwest was lost; almost all 700,000 soldiers died. His Majesty was enraged, and the hair beside his ears whitened in a few seconds. It was quite bizarre,” he whispered to Fang Jie.

Fang Jie nodded and walked forward normally, pretending that he didn’t hear anything. He replied quietly, “I know what happened in the northwest. I only want to know if the Emperor issued special orders regarding the ceremony tomorrow.”

Wu Three replied, “I only heard a few words on my way out; I didn’t dare to linger around. After hearing the urgent report, the Emperor asked eunuchs and royal maids to leave the room. I was the last one to leave the room, so I heard His Majesty summoning Great General Xu Xiaogong of Right Reverent Guard and Great General Yang Shunhui of Left Reverent Guard. Right now, these two great generals are waiting in East Warmth Chamber and aren’t in the daily meeting”

Fang Jie processed the information but didn’t get any clues. He asked, “You mean the hair beside the Emperor’s ears is all white?”

“Yeah,” Wu Three sighed, “Mr. Fang, you didn’t see it with your own eyes. It turned white in a few seconds. Nothing changed when I left the room, but I saw the white hair when I went back later. It is clear how sad and angry His Majesty is.”

After turning at a corner, East Warmth Chamber was right up front. Wu Three turned silent and led the three to that place.

Upon entering, Fang Jie saw two great generals sitting in the outer room. He quickly straightened his body and saluted, and the two great generals stood up and returned the salute upon seeing his gesture.

“I’m Fang Jie. Greetings, two great generals!”

Xu Xiaogong was familiar with Fang Jie, so he laughed after returning the gesture, “I’m a little surprised by your military salute; I forgot that you were once a border soldier. It is good that you didn’t forget where you came from.”

This was Fang Jie’s first time meeting Great General Yang Shunhui of Left Reverent Guard; he wasn’t familiar with this great general who was about 30 years old.

He did hear that among the 16 great generals, Yang Shunhui was the youngest. If he weren’t a member of the Royal Clan, he wouldn’t reach the peak rank in the military at such a young age.

Yang Shunhui had a medium build, and his face seemed a little pale. It wasn’t the ill-type of pale; he just looked like a scholar rather than a general.

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