Chapter 262: The Tough Strategy (Part One)

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The Emperor turned toward Mu Xiaoyao and praised without holding back, “So far, you are the only person in the Royal Guard who hasn’t disappointed me this year. I already learned about the defeat before you returned; I’m glad that Great Sui has loyal people like you.”

After a pause, he said to Su Buwei, “Summon Zhuge Yan. Let him and Mu Xiaoyao exchange their information; we will know most of the details this way.”

Fang Jie took a few steps back and thought, “It would be strange if Xiaoyao is loyal to you.”

Since the Emperor said this, Fang Jie wouldn’t correct it and say that Mu Xiaoyao only did these things for him.

Soon, Zhuge Yan entered the room. He first bowed toward the Emperor before looking at Fang Jie and others with curiosity.

The Emperor pointed at Mu Xiaoyao and said, “She is the second person who came back from the northwest. She is a chiliarch in the Royal Guard. Both of you say what you know; I want to learn the truth.”

Zhuge Yan told everyone what he said to the Emperor before.

When Fang Jie heard that the heads of the soldiers of Sui were stacked into pagodas every few kilometers, his face changed color. He knew that the people of Mongo-Yuan would stack their enemies’ heads into pagodas; they believed that by doing this, these people’s souls would be suppressed and couldn’t reincarnate. This was a vicious method, even though Fang Jie didn’t believe in its effect.

Mu Xiaoyao nodded and replied, “We pulled back when the military got raided, so I don’t know much about the war. I only know that the military was crushed quickly; the defense line collapsed in about ten days.”

“Less than ten days!” Zhuge Yan said, “Our Left Command Guard lasted the longest. It took about four days for the enemies to defeat Right Command Guard and surround us. We were surrounded by 300,000 enemies, and the enemy cavalrymen had the mobility advantage. Many soldiers couldn’t form battle arrays in time and were destroyed. We only lasted four days.”

A total of 700,000 soldiers were crushed in eight days.

However, this was a huge war, so there were probably still defeated soldiers who gathered in small groups. Many of them were probably hiding on the grassland, but they couldn’t counterattack.

After all, it was impossible to kill 700,000 soldiers and more than a million workers in a short time.

“I detected Li Yuanshan’s scheme, so I instantly sent someone to inform Hou Wenji, the Head of the Intelligence Department. However, the person I sent never came back,” Mu Xiaoyao continued after a short pause, “I discovered that many people were moving toward the encampment that night, so I instantly gathered my people and tried to break through the enemies. I had more than 100 elite royal guards, and more than half of them died in the process. I realized that there was probably something fishy about Hou Wenji, so I moved back sneakily with my people, and I discovered Li Yuanshan’s secret when avoiding enemies.”

“What secret?” the Emperor asked anxiously.

Mu Xiaoyao replied, “Li Yuanshan discovered a big iron ore mine in the northwest, and it was guarded by many soldiers. I discovered it when I moved back. I snuck into the mine to investigate and saw many craftsmen and miners. There were also a ton of weapons and armor alongside heavy siege weapons like siege ladders, catapults, and siege hammers.”

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