Chapter 263: All Are Waiting (Part One)

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The Emperor asked Mu Xiaoyao many detailed questions, especially the information that she gathered on the way back.

Mu Xiaoyao marked out all the locations where those recruited soldiers stayed; there were at least five locations.

Even if Li Yuanshan only hid about 10,000 soldiers at each location, this number of soldiers was huge.

The Emperor looked at the locations marked out on the map and sighed, “The Intelligence Department is in charge of monitoring all the recruited soldiers in various places. In order to fool me, Li Yuanshan had to bribe Hou Wenji. It seems like Hou Wenji has ill-intention for a long time.”

Fang Jie explained, “Perhaps Li Yuanshan told Hou Wenji that Right Valiant Guard didn’t have enough soldiers to guard the northwest, so he had to recruit some private soldiers. Although this was a huge offense, it is still reasonable. Hou Wenji probably accepted money from him to help him hide this fact. Later, even if Hou Wenji discovered Li Yuanshan’s true intention, he didn’t dare to mention it to Your Majesty anymore; his omission of information from you is equal to treason.”

The Emperor nodded. “You guys can stay in Tai Chi Palace tonight and leave with me tomorrow morning.”

The Emperor realized that it was late when Su Buwei reminded him, so he waved his hand and told Fang Jie and others to leave.

Fang Jie walked to the door and asked, “Your Majesty… I’m still not feeling settled.”

The Emperor looked at him. “About tomorrow?”

Fang Jie nodded.

The Emperor said, “Just follow me tomorrow; you don’t need to do anything. If you are needed, I can tell you what to do when you are nearby.”

Fang Jie nodded and left the room while wondering, “What is the Emperor relying on? How come he isn’t worried about tomorrow?”

Eunuch Wu Three led the three into a room and left after chatting for a bit. Before leaving, Fang Jie gave him a big silver certificate, but he didn’t want to accept it. Fang Jie smiled and told him that it was difficult to do things in the Royal Palace without silver taels, and he was only loaning the silver certificate to Wu Three. Only then did Wu Three accept it before thanking him.

Although Fang Jie, Chen Qingshan, and Mu Xiaoyao stayed in the same room, they couldn’t do anything intimate inside the Royal Palace. They chatted for a long time and only slept around 1 AM.

Fang Jie took a quilt and lay on the ground in the outer room, letting the two girls sleep on the bed in the inner room. However, he couldn’t fall asleep.

His head was filled with what was going to happen tomorrow, and he kept on thinking about Royal King Yi’s hidden cards. He knew that Royal King Yi had control over a portion of the military, but it was hard to tell which of the 16 Guards he had control over. It was difficult to defend against the unknown.

Fang Jie planned on convincing the Emperor to take those 800 elites of the legendary Task Battalion. The Emperor probably wouldn’t be in danger with those people around him.

Royal King Yi probably had many cultivation masters with him, and Fang Jie was mostly worried about the daoists from Wudang Mountain. If those daoists were here to help Royal King Yi, the situation tomorrow would be out of hand.

Fortunately, Zhou Banchuan, the principal of the Martial Arts Academy, was stationed in Chang’an; he was the no.1 cultivation master of Great Sui. Also, there was Spiritual Master Xiao in Pure Wind Daoist Temple and other hidden cultivation masters in the Royal Palace.

Now, Fang Jie realized why the daoists from Pure Joy Mountain hadn’t left. The Emperor must be worried about Royal King Yi causing trouble, so he asked these daoists to stay just in case.

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