Chapter 266: Schemes Were Everywhere in Chang’an (Part One)

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As the Emperor’s royal carriage moved through the streets, the civilians on the two sides of the streets knelt and kowtowed. They respected the Emperor and the Royal Yang Family.

If the Yang Family didn’t unite the region and create the powerful Great Sui, the civilians’ lives wouldn’t be this comfortable.

A powerful emperor would give stability to all civilians.

The Emperor seemed to enjoy being worshipped by the people. The Yang Family did many things for Great Sui to survive for such a long time. As long as the civilians didn’t breach the interests of those big families, they were free to do anything they wanted.

This was a level of freedom that all previous nations on this land never gave its people, and this was why the Emperor believed that Great Sui could last for thousands of years.

Since the civilians were never treated this nicely in the past, they were sincere in their praises and loyalty to Great Sui.

All the emperors in the history of Great Sui treated the civilians nicely. Even when the Second Emperor had to increase taxes to finance the big war, the civilians only complained and didn’t do anything extreme.

As the Emperor looked at these people, he subconsciously touched his crown and became firmer in his decision.

“No one can take these loyal people from me! No one!”

The cymbal noises were loud as this group passed through the streets, and the civilians all knelt when they saw the royal carriage.

In the front, 108 royal guards clear the path with their hands on their sabers, and their red capes fluttered in the wind, looking dignified.

Behind them were the muscular golden-hammer guards who held all kinds of flags and ceremonial devices. Then, there were those 500 royal soldiers in bright cloth armor, and the royal carriage was behind them with lieutenants surrounding it.

Behind the royal carriage were the royal maids and eunuchs, then all the civil and military officials followed, and those 108 cavalrymen were in the very back.

The red national flag and the golden dragon flag that represented the Royal Family fluttered around the royal carriage, and the royal musicians played the various ceremonial instruments in front of the carriage.

Heaven-Bless Emperor Yang Yi was the most lowkey emperor in the history of Great Sui. This was his first time leaving the Royal Palace like this, and the civilians were excited to see the Emperor on such an occasion. When the Emperor left the Royal Palace before, he only had very few people around him.

Tens of thousands of civilians surrounded the square, and they didn’t cross the lines that were set up ahead of time.

Compared to the packed crowd, it seemed empty on the huge square.

Left Martial Guard would only march over once the Emperor got onto the command stage, and the soldiers would get into formation after marching around the square.

The officials of the Ministry of Rites had been busy organizing this event, and they were the most nervous right now, afraid that an accident would occur.

Everyone knew that they would be severely punished if an accident happened during this important ceremony. To prevent all accidents, even Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites, came to manage the ceremony himself.

An official of the Ministry of Rites rushed to Left Martial Guard with a few people. After he wiped away the sweat on his forehead, he said to Great General Yu Manlou of Left Martial Guard, “Great General, please don’t mind me asking. Did you plan how to march around the square and what formation to use?”

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