Chapter 267: The Wisdom King of Great Sui (Part One)

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Two rows of golden-hammer guards were standing the closest to the command stage. They were all muscular figures selected from royal soldiers. Since they had to protect the Emperor, their strength wasn’t weak.

A row of royal guards stood next to the golden-hammer guards.

The 500 elite royal soldiers who traveled with the Emperor stood on the two sides of the command stage.

Since Fang Jie, Mu Xiaoyao, and Chen Qingshan were wearing lieutenant’s uniforms, they could walk around freely. Of course, they couldn’t walk around the Emperor; they could patrol the area but not leave the command stage for too far.

The eight cultivation masters who stood on the royal carriage earlier were now standing on the command stage.

Fang Jie paid special attention to them. However, they were wearing flying-fish robes and covered their mouths and noses with silk handkerchiefs, and they were far away from Fang Jie. He couldn’t even tell their ages.

After killing Fang Henshui, Meng Wudi told Fang Jie that the Royal Guard was in a desperate situation.

Now judging from the situation, the royal guards were used as ceremonial guards and were placed on the outside. It was clear that those eight people in flying-fish robes weren’t from the Royal Guard.

The dominating Royal Guard fell to this degree in only a few months. Hou Wenji’s rebellion triggered the Emperor to ditch the Royal Guard, and the Intelligence Department was probably broken right now.

On this important occasion, Fang Jie didn’t even see Luo Weiran. It showed how much did the importance of the Royal Guard drop in the Emperor’s mind.

Fang Jie stopped thinking about that and focused on the soldiers of Left Martial Guard who were marching close.

Left Martial Guard was one of the most elite military forces of Great Sui and one of the Imperial Six Guards. This military force was going to the northwest soon, but it couldn’t turn the situation around in the northwest alone.

Fang Jie’s brain was processing everything he saw.

Since the Emperor asked Great General Yu Manlou of Left Martial Guard to lead the reinforcements to the northwest, it meant that he trusted him. With Yu Manlou and close to 10,000 elite soldiers present, how could Royal King Yi successfully rebel?

From the looks of things, it seemed like Royal King Yi was banking on great cultivation masters; he was probably trying to get a group of powerful cultivation masters to raid the command stage and kill the Emperor before anyone could react.

However, the Emperor was tightly protected, and even great cultivation masters couldn’t instantly kill the Emperor.

Until now, it seemed like Royal King Yi hadn’t revealed his plan yet, making Fang Jie extremely nervous.

Fang Jie patrolled around before turning his attention toward Beckon of the Red Sleeve. He tried to find Du Hongxian, but he didn’t see her. In fact, he didn’t even see the crippled old man.

Fang Jie suddenly frowned and sighed. “How did I miscalculate that?”

He remembered that the crippled old man was extremely respectful toward Royal King Zhong as well.

Fang Jie first asked Du Hongxian to go with Beckon of the Red Sleeve, then he went to the crippled old man and asked him to keep Du Hongxian there. However, he forgot that the crippled old man was just as impulsive as Du Hongxian.

At this thought, Fang Jie grew even more anxious.

Du Hongxian had saved his life before, and he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if something happened to her.

While he was thinking about this, he suddenly saw a thin man approaching Beckon of the Red Sleeve’s stage. That man was wearing the servant’s uniform of Beckon of the Red Sleeve, but Fang Jie knew that he wasn’t a servant but Da Quan.

He asked Da Quan to hide in Chang’an for today. Da Quan could smell murderous spirit; this was extremely rare. He could sense danger way earlier if he didn’t stay around Fang Jie.

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