Chapter 269: The Daoist Sect (Part One)

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Flagpoles, spears, and arrows.

Hundreds of weapons flew toward the Emperor who sat on his dragon throne, and they looked dense when they were close to the Emperor.

The Emperor didn’t move as if he couldn’t react in time, but the eight bodyguards in flying-fish robes moved like lightning!

The eight of them drew their sabers at the same time, and it felt like eight bolts of lightning flashed around the Emperor. The bright saber spirits flew around the Emperor like dragons.

After a series of metal-colliding noises, all the weapons that were thrown at the Emperor got cut into pieces.

Those eight bodyguards surrounded the Emperor like walls, and the Emperor’s expression didn’t even change. He looked at these assassins calmly without even anger in his eyes.

Su Buwei stood beside the Emperor, but people felt like they only saw those eight bodyguards. This eunuch was easily ignored by others as if he was invisible.

No one saw him flicking his finger, and a hole appeared in the head of the official of the Ministry of Rites who tried to kill Huai Qiugong from the back, causing this man to collapse onto the stage.

Those assassins who were disguised as the officials of the Ministry of Rites came here with Deputy Pei Hui of the Ministry of Rites, and they fell into a passive situation after killing a few royal guards on the outside.

Those golden-hammer guards quickly took out roped hooks from their pockets and tossed them out.

Puff! Those roped hooks ripped into the flesh of those assassins, and the golden-hammer guards pulled them back.

Before these assassins could stand up, they were killed by those golden-hammer guards. Although there were cultivation masters among these assassins, they were killed before they could counterattack. It was clear that these golden-hammer guards that were supposed to be ceremonial guards were cultivation masters in disguise.

Those royal soldiers who jumped up and tossed their spears at the Emperor were quickly surrounded and killed by other royal soldiers.

This assassination attempt lasted only five minutes even though it looked fierce at the beginning.

Huai Qiugong was startled and looked toward the Emperor. Although he forced himself to calm down, fear could still be seen in his eyes. The Emperor beckoned at him, and he quickly walked over.

Pei Hui instantly paled after seeing his subordinates getting killed so fast. He didn’t know that the people who Royal King Yi sent him were so useless. He thought that they could cause great chaos in the area even if they couldn’t kill the Emperor, but those assassins got killed in a flash.

He screamed, turned around, and fled.

Two golden-hammer guards tossed out their roped hooks, and they accurately hooked onto Pei Hui’s shoulders. Then, those two pulled on the ropes, and Pei Hui was dragged back like a kite. He was slightly luckier than his subordinates; these two didn’t kill him right away. However, he was going to be interrogated, which might be worse than death.

After pulling Pei Hui over, those two golden-hammer guards instantly cut the tendons and ligaments in Pei Hui’s wrists and ankles.

Then, one of them grabbed Pei Hui’s jaw and dislocated it before tossing him to the royal guards standing further away.

The assassination attempt was put out so fast.

The Emperor looked at Huai Qiugong and said calmly, “Stand beside me and watch how I kill these rebels.”

As soon as he said that, loud horns instantly sounded on the square.

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