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Conquer the World Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27: Fangu City Is Full of Good People (Part Two)

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“I have said many things. Do you know what to do now?” Li Yuanshan asked.

Li Xiaozong nodded and then shook his head. “Great General, I didn’t kill these soldiers because I want to nurture my forces later. The soldiers of Fangu are rotated out every six years, and they are all veterans who had been through many battles. I want to try to move them under my command in a few years.”

“Veterans are treasures, but they aren’t as valuable as your future,” Li Yuanshan sighed, “Since you can’t do it, you don’t have to get involved.”

As Li Yuanshan walked out of the door, he paused and said, “Since you don’t want to kill, I won’t force you. However, you need to rewrite the memorial to the throne. Investigators from the Capital won’t be here in two months, and we can do many things. Besides, I didn’t plan to let you wait for two months.”

“On February 2nd, Mongo-Yuan attacked Fangu since the people of Northern Liao transported warhorses to Great Sui in private. About 10,000 soldiers of Mandu Flag of Mongo-Yuan crossed Wolf Breast Mountain Range and attacked Fangu, and Major Li Xiaozong battled them for several days, killing thousands of enemies. During this time, Imperial Commissioner Wu Peisheng arrived and helped with the defense alongside the officials from the Ministry of War and the Court of Judicial Review. Still, the defensive power was too weak. After defending for ten days, more than half of the soldiers died. Imperial Commissioner Wu Peisheng and the 36 officials also died. Major Li Xiaozong was severely injured in several places and still battled. Just as the city was about to be conquered, Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard arrived at the right time, killing 6,000 enemies outside the city.”

After saying that coldly, Li Yuanshan turned around and said to Li Xiaozong, “I already stopped the memorial to the throne that you sent a few days ago. What I said will be in the memorial to the throne that I will be sending to His Majesty.”

Li Xiaozong expression froze, and he self-mocked, “It is fortunate that only more than half of them died and not all of them.”

Li Yuanshan smiled and said, “All of them… the second half of the memorial to the throne will be shown to you by Right Valiant Guard later. The Ministry of War has a name list of all soldiers of Fangu… but names are not important. As to Fang Jie, I will send someone to take care of him.”

After saying that, Li Yuanshan left.

On February 2nd of this year, a total of 775 soldiers of Fangu gathered under the military command at the training ground, but Major Li Xiaozong didn’t appear. After standing there for six hours, all of them were exhausted. At night, they suddenly received a military order from Great General Li Yuanshan of Right Valiant Guard, telling them to move 15 kilometers out of Fangu since there was an emergency.

The soldiers who hadn’t eat or drink all day rushed to Vulcan-Releasing Pavilion 15 kilometers to the east, and 500 heavy cavalrymen and 3,000 elite infantrymen were waiting for them.

All 775 soldiers of Fangu died.

At night, the soldiers of Right Valiant Guard changed into the uniforms of soldiers of Fangu and entered the city.

On the second day, the residents of Fangu learned that 300 cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan appeared, and Li Xiaozong went to deal with them. However, he was tricked! There were thousands of enemies, and most of the soldiers of Fangu died in battle.

The residents were all stunned, and they were stimulated.

Li Xiaozong who was severely injured summoned all residents and tried to draft more soldiers. But at that moment, thousands of soldiers of Mongo-Yuan rushed into the city after the spies opened the gate, killing all 2,000 plus residents.

On that day, Li Xiaozong realized that even though Li Yuanshan said that it was troublesome to slaughter an entire city, the latter meant that it was hard to explain to the central government and not hard to execute.

The night before the slaughter when the elite soldiers of Right Valiant Guard entered the city in disguise, Du Hongxian of Yun’s Meat Shop released a letter pigeon on the city wall and left with a small bag. She didn’t know that soon after she left the city, all the residents were turned to ghosts.

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