Chapter 270: Kangxiu of Wudang (Part One)

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Spiritual Master Xiao looked at the daoists from Wudang Mountain and sneered, “His Majesty sure is concerned about me, even summoning people from Wudang Mountain which is far away. However, Zhang Fengshan isn’t here; what can these juniors do?”

He ordered, “Block them and don’t let them disturb Principal Zhou and me.”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist and Crane-Chirp Daoist stood a step forward and blocked those daoists from Wudang Mountain.

Behind these two red-robe daoists, their disciples started to form an array. It was the strongest array of Pure Joy Mountain; Spiritual Master Xiao created it after getting inspiration from the Small Qi Cycle Technique.

A total of 28 disciples stood in the positions indicated by the Small Qi Cycle Technique, and once an enemy was trapped inside, even a level 9 cultivation master might not be able to get away.

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist cupped his hands toward the daoists from Wudang Mountain and said, “Daoist friends from Wudang Mountain, please stop here.”

Liu Huizheng who was assisting that old daoist returned the gesture and said, “You must be Phoenix-Chirp Daoist of Pure Joy Mountain. I have heard your name long ago.”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist slightly raised his head and said with a bit of pride, “You are?”

Liu Huizheng replied, “I’m Liu Huizheng, a disciple of Spiritual Master Zhang of Wudang Mountain.”

Then, he looked toward the old daoist and said, “He is my uncle-master.”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist frowned and whispered to Crane-Chirp Daoist, “A hermit is here; what should we do?”

Crane-Chirp Daoist was Spiritual Master Xiao’s elder disciple, and he was the strongest among all four of Spiritual Master Xiao’s disciples. He looked at the old daoist and said with a smile, “Master had said that the cultivation masters aren’t ranked based on seniority but strength. His seniority is high, but his strength might not be high. If you have an uneasy feeling, you can block Liu Huizheng, and I will handle this old daoist.”

“Thanks, Senior Brother.” Phoenix-Chirp Daoist ignored Crane-Chirp Daoist’s provoking words and moved to the side before cupping his hands toward Liu Huizheng. He said, “My master has things to discuss with Principal Zhou, so he can’t meet you. Please wait until they are done.”

Liu Huizheng replied politely, “My master asked me to speak with Spiritual Master Xiao urgently. If you don’t mind, can you move aside?”

Phoenix-Chirp Daoist shook his head and said, “I can’t move at all.”

Liu Huizheng replied, “Friend, we are both in the Daoist Sect, so we should talk it out. If other factions and sects learn about this, they will laugh at us.”

“We will just kill whoever laughs at us.” The third vertical eye on Phoenix-Chirp Daoist’s forehead slowly opened, and a dark-red light beamed out.

Liu Huizheng sighed, “Do we must fight?”

As soon as he said that, the staggering old daoist cursed, “Why are you still talking? Just f*cking beat those who don’t listen! Now I know why my senior brother sent me; his disciples are all talkers! Since we must fight in the end, why waste time?”

After saying that, the old daoist who seemed extremely weak suddenly straightened his body and took a step forward. Although the step wasn’t huge, it had shocked others as if he stepped on people’s hearts.

“You want to block me?” the old daoist asked as he pointed at Crane-Chirp Daoist.

Crane-Chirp Daoist’s expression changed, and he said, “Senior, please think again before…”

The old daoist moved before he could finish. “Just fight! Stop with the BS!”

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