Chapter 271: The Big Qi Cycle (Part One)

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Spiritual Master Xiao suddenly told Principal Zhou that he knew the latter less and less.

Spiritual Master Xiao didn’t seem to worry about if his disciples could block the daoists from Wudang Mountain.

Kangxiu of Wudang showed shocking strength. Crane-Chirp Daoist, the most powerful red-robed godly daoist of Pure Joy Mountain, couldn’t even defend himself.

Although there were still Phoenix-Chirp Daoist and 28 other disciples, it felt like they couldn’t handle the daoists from Wudang Mountain.

The daoists on Spiritual Master Xiao’s side were confident a moment ago, but the situation quickly changed.

Wudang Mountain and Pure Joy Mountain were on the same level, but Great Sui appointed Spiritual Master Xiao as the leader of Daoism. However, a hermit daoist of Wudang Mountain easily destroyed a red-robed daoist of Pure Joy Mountain; it showed how much overall strength Wudang Mountain had.

Three Pure Daoist Temple on Wudang Mountain had a longer history compared to One Qi Daoist Tempe on Pure Joy Mountain that Spiritual Master Xiao created, so it wasn’t shocking that it had such powerful hermits.

Spiritual Master Xiao should be surprised now that this old daoist showed his strength, but Spiritual Master Xiao’s expression didn’t change. It felt like the fact that Principal Zhou had been waiting for him shocked him more.

Hearing Spiritual Master Xiao’s comment, Principal Zhou laughed and replied, “You never understood the Martial Arts Academy. Everyone has heard of the Martial Arts Academy, including Mongo-Yuan, Eastern Chu, and Southern Yan. However, no one knows why the Martial Arts Academy is so powerful.”

He looked at Spiritual Master Xiao and said seriously, “What people know about the academy is what the Martial Arts Academy wants them to know.”

Spiritual Master Xiao frowned and asked, “You are Zhou Banchuan?”

Principal Zhou nodded. “Of course.”

Spiritual Master Xiao asked again, “It is heard that you are the only principal of the academy since it was built more than 100 years ago, and all the other principals in history were you going by different names. Is this rumor true?”

Principal Zhou shook his head with a smile. “Although I have lived for a long time, I’m not that old. Look at that old daoist; he is about 90 years ago, yet he looks so old already. If I’m close to 200 years old, I should at least look older.”

He added, “I’m Zhou Banchuan, the principal of the Martial Arts Academy. Just like what I said, this is what the academy wants the world to know.”

Spiritual Master Xiao’s face changed color, and he turned around and floated into the air as his daoist robe flapped without wind. He didn’t leap up; he floated up like a cloud, gradually reaching the height of the buildings in the area.

“Zhou Banchuan, I thought I’m here to block you, but you are here to delay me.”

Principal Zhou replied, “It is a bit late for you to realize this now.”

“Not late at all,” Spiritual Master Xiao said, “It isn’t late as long as I realize this. Royal King Yi planned for a long time, but it is still not perfect. I will go to Royal King Yi’s residence right now. As long as he isn’t dead, I can take him to the Emperor and kill the Emperor. Who can block me? They wouldn’t even be able to see my traces.”

The old daoist sitting on the boulder was stunned when he saw Spiritual Master Xiao floating into the air. “This is the real Qi Cycle Technique! The complete circulation of qi without weakness. Xiao Yijiu, you are this powerful already!”

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