Chapter 272: Reverse (Part One)

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The sudden change on the square shocked everyone. No one expected this ceremony to turn into a rebellion. If those assassins stunned them already, the rebellion of Left Martial Guard shocked them to their cores.

Those 2,000 infantrymen suddenly moved forward and shot 2,000 arrows toward the command stage under a general’s order, and their only goal was to kill the Emperor. Those assassins who dressed up as the officials of the Ministry of Rites were only small sacrifices.

Since those assassins appeared, Yu Manlou issued the attack order without hesitation.

Even after killing the Emperor, they wouldn’t bear the blame. They could say that the assassins already killed the Emperor, and they only ordered the soldiers to shoot arrows to kill the assassins.

Although this was only a lousy excuse, the public would have to accept it since Royal King Yi would get on the throne.

The arrows flew in the air and blocked the sunlight in the area.

However, the Emperor and others on the command stage suddenly disappeared, including important officials such as Huai Qiugong and those eight bodyguards.

The wooden floor of the command stage suddenly opened, and everyone jumped down. Then, the golden-hammer guards and royal guards around the command stage took out giant shields from under the stage. They raised the shields and blocked out all arrows.

Those royal soldiers around the stage were extremely unlucky. Although many of them were assassins in disguise, most of them were innocent. When the arrows poured over, they couldn’t find places to hide, and more than 400 of them were nailed to the ground. They groaned in pain non-stop.

However, regardless of the sharpness of these arrows, they couldn’t penetrate those giant shields.

It felt like the Emperor predicted this situation, so the command stage was created with transformations built-in.

Seeing this, Great General Yu Manlou of Left Martial Guard was stunned. The command stage was built several days ago, and no one would pay attention to this ordinary-looking stage.

Yu Manlou secretly inspected the terrain around the area but ignored that stage.

Now that the Emperor was inside the stage, these arrows couldn’t get to him.

Yu Manlou thought that these 2,000 arrows could turn the people on the command stage into hedgehogs, but only about 400 royal soldiers that the Emperor didn’t trust anymore were shot down. Even those royal guards who seemingly were given up by the Emperor had prepared shields for this situation.

Although Yu Manlou was startled at this moment, he didn’t have any concerns on his mind.

Sitting on his white warhorse, Yu Manlou straightened his body with a serious expression; he felt like he went back in time and was on the battleground. He had led expeditions for Great Sui many times and never lost. His success came from his respectful and earnest attitude toward wars; he was used to seeing each battle as a deathmatch and prepared as much as he could.

Now, he had no way back.

“Archers, each shoot three more arrows and take out the people around the command stage!” he ordered loudly, “Cavalrymen, patrol on the streets and don’t let anyone through! Peng Laishun, charge forward with your battalion! Unless there is an underground passage below that stage, I will punish you if a single person gets out! Destroy that stage and kill everyone inside!”

“Got it!” Major Peng Laishun nodded, grabbed the command flag in Yu Manlou’s hand, and ran to the front. He shouted while drawing his saber, “Let’s charge! Dismantle that stage!”

A battalion, which comprised of 1,200 soldiers, rushed forward with him, and the formation changed from a square array into a V-shaped array with many spears pointed forward.

“Attack!” Peng Laishun shouted, “We will obtain our honor and glory today!”

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