Chapter 28: Can You Be Pure-Minded? (Part One)

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“Da Quan, let me ask you a question,” Fang Jie asked as he roasted a rabbit that he shot earlier.

It was the 11th day since they left Fangu, and the meat that Du Hongxian gave them was all finished.

In the last few days, they didn’t even see a bird, so Fang Jie and Da Quan who ate nothing but dry bread in the last while wanted to eat meat.

Although Fang Jie didn’t love meat as much as Da Quan, he wanted to eat meat in every meal.

As to Mu Xiaoyao… she only drank liquor.

Except for the necessities, there was only liquor, dry bread, and books that Fang Jie needed to consume time.

There was far more liquor compared to bread. Mu Xiaoyao had to drink about 2.5 kilograms of liquor every day. It was hard to tell why she had no desire for food for so many years. She didn’t even drink water.

Da Quan loved eating meat, but he would rather eat raw meat compared to cooking meat himself.

“What is your question?” Da Quan frequently wiped the saliva off his lips and stared at the meat that Fang Jie was cooking.

Seeing that the meat was well-cooked, Fang Jie smiled and took off the two legs before passing the rest to Da Quan. Then, he asked, “Your name is Shang Guohen. I remember that I heard a story when we escaped to Southern Yan. I heard that Southern Yan wasn’t Southern Yan 15 years ago; it was the Shang Empire. About 15 years ago, the Emperor of Great Sui named Great General Luo Yao of Left Advance Guard as the Southern Expedition General, and the latter conquered the Shang Empire, Yong State City, with 150,000 elite soldiers. The Shang Empire was exterminated, and the Crown Prince escaped. Under the support of the former officials, the Crown Prince of Shang re-established a new empire but didn’t dare to call it Shang anymore. Instead, he named it the Yan Empire and yielded to Great Sui.”

“Now, Luo Yao is stationed at Yong State City, once the Capital of Shang. It was heard that during the war, the Royal Family of Shang was wiped out, and only the Crown Prince escaped.”

“Were you a member of Shang?”

Da Quan froze for a second before mocking, “If anyone with the name Shang Guohen is a member of Shang, then since the Leader of the Buddhist Sect is Great Wheel Wisdom King, why isn’t the Buddhist Sect named the Great Sect? Since the surname of the emperors of Great Sui is Yang, then how come Great Sui isn’t named Great Yang?”

Fang Jie said while eating, “Why are you so worked up? I’m only guessing out of boredom.”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Da Quan devoured the golden roasted rabbit and said, “Luo Yao is a vicious character. Before conquering Yong State City, the Emperor of Great Sui issued an edict, saying that as long as Murong Luo, the Emperor of Shang, surrendered, he would be given the noble rank of a king, and all members of Murong Family would be nicely treated. However, Luo Yao didn’t listen to the edict, and he killed all members of the Murong Family and other wealthy families. The Crown Prince that you mentioned… who is the Emperor of Yan, Murong Chi, is a fake. Just think; why would the Emperor of Great Sui allow an enemy to live in the world and create another big force?”

“How do you know?” Fang Jie asked.

“I was a member of Shang.” Da Quan finished the rabbit almost in an instant, and he looked at the other rabbit leg in Fang Jie’s hand.

Fang Jie rolled his eyes and passed the rabbit leg over. Da Quan looked at him with gratitude and devoured the roasted rabbit leg with the bone.

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