Chapter 28: Can You Be Pure-Minded? (Part Three)

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Fang Jie sat down beside Mu Xiaoyao and asked while smiling, “There is no wind today, and the sunlight is warm. Sister Xiaoyao, aren’t you planning to go out and walk around?”

Mu Xiaoyao flipped to her other side and said, “What is the matter?”

Fang Jie rolled his eyes at the back of Mu Xiaoyao’s head and said, “I talked with Da Quan for a while but couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t plan to bother you when you are sleeping, but you know me; I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I don’t figure it out.”

“I know you, but I didn’t know that you can’t sleep without figuring something out.”

Mu Xiaoyao sat up cross-legged and ignored her red dress that was almost rolled up to her waist.

Her two beautiful legs were exposed to Fang Jie, but this charming woman didn’t think of herself as a woman and didn’t mind Fang Jie looking at her.

Since she slept for a while, she stretched her whole body. When she did that, her plump chest moved up and down, attracting Fang Jie’s eyes.

Red dress, smooth legs, slender waist, plump chest, messy long hair, and a sleepy face… all men would be charmed by her.

Fang Jie had looked at Mu Xiaoyao for 15 years.

Mu Xiaoyao saw Fang Jie growing up, but Fang Jie also saw Mu Xiaoyao “growing up”.

“What is it?” After stretching, Mu Xiaoyao casually tied her hair into a bun.

“What does it feel like to cultivate?” Fang Jie asked.

“Cultivation…” Mu Xiaoyao looked at Fang Jie and asked, “Why did you suddenly think of this question?”

Fang Jie smiled and explained, “Before we left Fangu, I was fortunate enough to open a qi-point. I’m thinking that there are many talented people in the Capital. If I get to meet an immortal-like figure who can help me open all the qi-points in my sea of qi, then I should consider this possibility.”

“If someone helps you to open the sea of qi, you will know how cultivation feels like.” Mu Xiaoyao wasn’t moved by Fang Jie’s passion.

Fang Jie opened his mouth and sighed helplessly. Just as he was about to leave the compartment on the carriage, Mu Xiaoyao who lay back down to sleep said, “Pain.”

“Pain?” Fang Jie turned around and asked, “What pain?”

Mu Xiaoyao pointed out her pinky finger and said, “Let’s say if your sea of qi is this big…”[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Fang Jie said angrily, “Can’t you make it seem like my sea of qi is bigger?”

Mu Xiaoyao rolled her eyes and said, “Cultivation is the continuous expansion of your sea of qi. Before cultivating, you need to temper your body. As your sea of qi gets bigger, your body needs to adapt. If you cultivate without tempering your body, your body will explode in the end. Therefore, cultivation isn’t an enjoyable process. As your cultivation strength gets higher, your sea of qi will grow bigger, and your meridians will become wider. Just like…”

She pointed out her thumb and said, “Forcefully expanding your pinky finger to the size of your thumb. Then to the size of an arm, a thigh… every time your strength increases, your body will be refined, experiencing the pain of being opened.”

She stared at Fang Jie and added, “I don’t know how to explain this pain to you. I can only tell you that your first time experiencing the enlargement of your sea of qi will be the most painful. Just think about giving birth.”

Fang Jie replied awkwardly, “I can’t imagine the pain of giving birth, but I can understand. The first time will hurt, but you will get used to the pain. After enough times, you might even enjoy and find pleasure in it.”

“Get out!” Mu Xiaoyao cursed before closing her eyes and turning around.

Fang Jie didn’t sense the strange meaning behind his words, and he thought that Mu Xiaoyao cursed due to her unique personality. He left the compartment and walked to Da Quan.

“Da Quan, how many times per month do you experience the pain?” he asked.

Da Quan asked back in shock, “What did Mu Xiaoyao tell you?”

Fang Jie replied, “Pain!”

Da Quan said, “Experiencing pain once a month? That is a women’s matter! Of course, not every woman would experience it; some wouldn’t while others would experience less pain. It depends on different physiques. I’m a man, but you are asking me… you… what did she tell you?”

Fang Jie looked at Da Quan in disdain and said, “Can you be pure-minded?”

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