Chapter 286: Enraged (Part Three)

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Civilians wouldn’t think about the effect that this rebellion had on the nation, and they didn’t think about all the losses. In their eyes, those officials who assisted with the rebellion deserved to die, and their families might not be innocent. Perhaps some civilians would feel sympathy toward those family members, but very few people would wonder if these family members deserved to die.

From the civilians’ perspective, the empty official positions would be filled soon. They didn’t think about how the big families were going to try to negotiate with the Emperor to maintain their influences and if the Emperor was going to budge on his stance.

Fang Jie suddenly became sentimental after seeing the various people on the street.

These civilians were talking about the rebellion like an exciting story; Royal King Yi’s rebellion didn’t affect their lives that much on the surface.

Then, Fang Jie couldn’t help but wonder if these civilians would act the same if enemies conquered Chang’an.

Soon, he shook his head and threw those thoughts out of his mind.

He wouldn’t stay loyal to Great Sui and die for this nation; he didn’t feel the deep connection between him and Great Sui. It was meaningless to think about how the civilians would react when facing enemies up-close.

Fang Jie smiled self-mockingly and asked himself, “Are you a member of Great Sui? Are you ready to be a member of Great Sui?”

He couldn’t answer this question; the answer was waiting somewhere for him to dig out.

He wouldn’t die for the Royal Yang Family, and he wouldn’t put himself in great danger for Chang’an. However, he also wouldn’t harm the civilians in this city and in this nation.

Fang Jie looked up and saw the new green buds growing out of the branches on the willow trees on two sides of the street, and he suddenly felt like he was overcomplicating things.

Just like what he told the Emperor, Great Sui was a giant tree, and it was impossible not to have a single pest on it. Perhaps the tree would be damaged during the pest removal process, but new branches would grow on the tree with the passage of time.

Given enough time, Great Sui would heal. Having scars wasn’t always a bad thing; it could make people recall the pain that was once experienced, just like what was happening in the northwest.

While all sorts of thoughts popped into Fang Jie’s head, he had walked to East 23rd Street. Beckon of the Red Sleeve was on the other end of the street; it wasn’t far from Fang Jie’s shop.

When Fang Jie got close, he suddenly heard loud noises coming from Beckon of the Red Sleeve. He looked up and saw many people standing in front of Beckon of the Red Sleeve and peeking in.

Fang Jie was surprised and wondered who was so arrogant to cause trouble in Beckon of the Red Sleeve.

He quickly walked over and heard someone shouting, “A bunch of btches! Fcking pretending to be saintesses? Fck! Wanting to sleep with you is showing you appreciation! Do you all want to be pure dancers? What a joke! If you try to act pure and naïve again, I will fcking demolish this damn building!”

“All I did was to touch a btch’s butt. Do you want more money from me? Alright, tell me how much it costs to sleep with Ms. Xi! I asked her to dance for me; that is a great honor for her. Saying she isn’t here? Do you think I’m easy to fool and bully? Even the btches in Chang’an dare to look down on me! Do you know who I am?”

Fang Jie was enraged by what he heard.

[TL Note: This is pretty simple to guess who this is and what is going to happen. However, the butterfly effect is real.]

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