Chapter 287: Is It Big? (Part One)

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When Fang Jie walked to Beckon of the Red Sleeve, he frowned even more when hearing all the cursing.

Fang Jie didn’t hear Aunt Xi, Xi Zhuxin, nor the crippled old man, and he was surprised why this troublemaker wasn’t thrown out yet.

Even though he was outside the building, he knew who the troublemaker was just judging by the voice; he just met this person in the morning.

While walking through the door, Fang Jie suddenly remembered that Aunt Xi, Xi Zhuxin, and the crippled old man all went to the Royal Palace to meet with the Emperor. Little Dot told him a few days ago that the Emperor was going to meet Aunt Xi, Xi Zhuxin, and the crippled old man while the Queen planned on having them for dinner.

Now that the three most powerful people in Beckon of the Red Sleeve were gone, no wonder this troublemaker hadn’t been thrown out yet.

Little Dot’s face paled under rage, and sweat drops appeared on her cute nose. Her chest was even moving up and down as she breathed heavily.

“Say that again?” Little Dot said while pointing at Lu Ou’s nose.

“Bitch!” Lu Ou sneered, “Do you like me calling you btch? You are young, yet you are already so coquettish. Sleep with me tonight and let me see how you please men. Your body sure is developed, and I love girls like you. I want to hear how you cry when I’m doing you on the bed!”

“Shameless!” Little Dot cursed and dashed forward to slap Lu Ou.

Lu Ou’s face changed color, and he was angered. He didn’t expect that a girl in a song and dance ensemble dared to attack him. If he was in the southwest, he would have ordered his bodyguards to capture and assault her.

“B*tch!” Lu Ou grabbed Little Dot’s hand, stared at her coldly, and cursed, “Do you really think you are powerful? If you are in this industry, don’t try to act pure and prestigious!”

Little Dot was angered, and she kicked toward Lu Ou’s privates.

Lu Ou took a step back and dodged, and he was enraged by Little Dot’s action. If he got kicked, he couldn’t be a man anymore.

Although Little Dot was agile and knew martial arts, she was no match for Lu Ou. Little Dot had good talent, but she had to manage Beckon of the Red Sleeve and had no time to train and cultivate. Also, she wasn’t interested in cultivation; she only practiced martial arts to protect herself.

Lu Ou was once Luo Yao’s bodyguard, and he had tempered himself on the battlefield by killing enemies. After dodging Little Dot’s kick, he grabbed her collar and slapped her face.

“You want to hit me? Do you have the strength to do it?”

Then, he lifted Little Dot off the ground and threw her outside the door.

Fang Jie just happened to walk through the door, and he saw Lu Ou slapping Little Dot. Before he could react, Little Dot was tossed toward him.

Fang Jie reached out his hands and caught Little Dot by her waist, then he slowly put her on the ground. Seeing the swelling on Little Dot’s face and the tears in her eyes, Fang Jie instantly got murderous.

“Are you in pain?” Fang Jie caressed Little Dot’s face while asking.

Little Dot saw that it was Fang Jie, and she couldn’t hold back her tears. She jumped into Fang Jie’s arms and cried her heart out.

Fang Jie could feel Little Dot shaking in his arms due to anger and shame.

He walked to the side with Little Dot and sat her down.

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