Chapter 287: Is It Big? (Part Three)

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Unfortunately for him, Fang Jie was never scared of close-range combat.

Fang Jie’s other hand caught Lu Ou’s left hand, and Lu Ou couldn’t pull his hands away after trying a few times. It felt like his hands were stuck in quicksand, and it was harder to pull out his hands the harder he tried.

Lu Ou kicked toward Fang Jie in rage, but he wasn’t as fast. When he raised his leg, Fang Jie’s knee already struck his abdomen.

Bam! Lu Ou’s body left the ground, and his face turned purple and red.

Then, Fang Jie pulled downward with force, and Lu Ou’s body slammed on the ground! Many cracks appeared on the flat marble tiles, and Lu Ou groaned in pain before spitting out blood. Fang Jie’s knee strike was too damaging. There wasn’t much technique in that strike; even hooligans were proficient with this move in street fights.

However, Fang Jie’s muscles could unleash a ton of brute strength, and Lu Ou underestimated him.

After being kneed, Lu Ou almost fainted.

Then, Fang Jie bent down and pulled Lu Ou up from the back; he didn’t give this man the chance to recover.

Lu Ou was a level 6 cultivation master from the military, and Fang Jie wouldn’t have beaten him if this man didn’t underestimate Fang Jie. Now that he had the upper hand, Fang Jie wasn’t going to waste the opportunity; Fang Jie was never a kind person to his enemies.

After picking Lu Ou up, Fang Jie slammed him on the ground three more times. Then, he stepped on Lu Ou’s left leg and crushed his leg bone before breaking a few rib bones.

Next, he lifted Lu Ou off the ground and struck his stomach.

This punch was forceful and made Lu Ou puke blood.

Fang Jie grabbed Lu Ou’s head and pulled him to Little Dot. While looking at this girl who was crying with a swelling face, Fang Jie asked gently, “Is this enough? If not, I will beat him some more.”

Little Dot froze for a moment and didn’t know what to say.

The two soldiers who followed Lu Ou here were stunned. Fang Jie already beat Lu Ou to the ground before they could react. The two hesitated for a second and murmured among themselves. Then, one of them came up to stop Fang Jie while the other ran away.

“Mr. Fang, please have mercy,” the soldier begged while cupping his hands.

Fang Jie looked at him and said, “The soldiers and generals of Left Advance Guard are this arrogant in the southwest? It seems like it is necessary for His Majesty to send me to the southwest for inspection.”

Before this soldier could reply, Lu Ou who was grabbed by Fang Jie spat out bloody spit and cursed, “F*ck you! I’m a rank 5 major under Great General Luo Yao’s command! If we are in the southwest, I would have chopped you up and fed you to pigs!”

“Rank 5 major? Is it big?” Fang Jie sneered and threw Lu Ou to the ground. Then, he squatted and asked Little Dot, “Did he hit you with his left hand?”

Little Dot nodded subconsciously.

Fang Jie nodded and picked up a piece of marble tile from the ground. He held down Lu Ou’s left hand with his own and smashed down with the marble tile in his right hand.

Bam! Blood spilled in all directions. This one strike broke four of Lu Ou’s fingers.

However, Fang Jie didn’t stop there. While blood splashed, Lu Ou’s right hand was soon turned into mush.

[TL Note: This is time for the MC to do some work.]

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