Chapter 29: Truly Elite Soldiers (Part One)

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Fang Jie wasn’t in the mood to talk with Da Quan about how many times per month the latter experienced pain. He found a quiet place and sat down, savoring what Mu Xiaoyao told him.

He felt like he understood something, but there seemed to be a layer of fog before what Mu Xiaoyao had said even though it sounded simple.

Fang Jie knew why the fog was there; it was because he couldn’t cultivate, so he couldn’t experience it first-hand.

When the carriages of Beckon of the Red Sleeve stopped, and the people came out to cook, they never minded Fang Jie and the other two. However, the crippled old man would come to talk to Mu Xiaoyao, and Mu Xiaoyao appeared uninterested.

After the northwest liquor in the crippled old man’s liquor gourd started to deplete at a fast rate, he rarely came back.

Every time Fang Jie saw Mu Xiaoyao ignoring the crippled old man, he got angry and wanted to slap her butt. From his perspective, this was no different from a rich person not knowing the hardships of the poor people.

Fang Jie couldn’t cultivate, but Mu Xiaoyao had great talent, and a level 9 master wanted to teach her. However, she appeared uninterested in this.

This was the difference in people; sometimes Fang Jie sighed and felt speechless.

Pain. Fang Jie thought about this critical feedback.

He had never experienced the tearing pain as his meridians hadn’t been expanded, but he could partially imagine it.

Lying on the soft dry grass, Fang Jie closed his eyes and tried to imagine. As someone who suddenly came to this world, Fang Jie had read many fascinating webnovels in his previous life. There were many different descriptions of the cultivation process, but most of them were thrilling.

“How come in this world, the pain will accompany you throughout the cultivation process?”

“The sea of qi can create the internal force which is also called qi, and it needs to circulate through the entire body…”

Fang Jie tried to imagine what the sea of qi looked like. It was hard to materialize something that only existed in speech. Although many people referred to the dantian and the sea of qi, perhaps even the experienced masters couldn’t describe what it looked like.

The sea of qi and the internal force were all intangible, yet they could strengthen bodies. Once the internal force in the sea of qi circulated throughout the body, it would gradually transform meridians and temper muscles and bones. In the end, it wouldn’t be hard for a master to tear a tiger into two halves with his bare hands.

It was heard that when Great General Luo Yao of Right Advance Guard attacked Yong State City 15 years ago, he smashed the last three top-tier level 8 cultivators of Shang into pieces, including a top-tier level 8 rune master.

A level 8 rune master would be a rare and powerful figure. It was heard that when a rune master reached such a level, this person would be able to affect a small-scale war. In reality, it was this top-tier level 8 rune master who protected the gate of the Royal City inside Yong State City. He blocked hundreds of elite soldiers of Great Sui, rendering their efforts useless.

One rune transformed into fire, burning dozens of soldiers of Great Sui into ashes.

One rune transformed into lightning, shattering the shields of the elite shield formation. Also, the sharp weapons became blazing, and the soldiers couldn’t hold them.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

One rune transformed dozens of bricks into sharp spikes, killing the soldiers who lost their shields.

With this top-tier level 8 rune master present, those well-trained soldiers of Great Sui couldn’t advance. The military of Great Sui quickly summoned two generals who were top-tier level 7 masters, but they couldn’t handle three runes. One was smashed into pieces by a heavy boulder, and the other was burned into coal by a fire.

With this rune master protecting the last gate, the Emperor of Shang got the chance to escape using a side door, even though he was still captured by Luo Yao and got hung.

[TL Note: In Chinese, many words are pronounced and spelled the same in pinyin, but they are different words. In this case, the “Luo” in Luo Yao is different from the “Luo” in Grandpa Luo.]

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