Chapter 29: Truly Elite Soldiers (Part Two)

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Hearing that the Emperor had escaped, this rune master got ready to retreat, but Great General Luo Yao arrived.

Sensing the bone-chilling murderous spirit coming from Luo Yao, this rune master didn’t dare to hold back and cast three runes. The first one transformed into a spear of lightning, striking toward Luo Yao rapidly. The second one turned into two heavy boulders that weighed more than 1,000 kilograms, smashing toward Luo Yao from both sides like two gates. The third one turned into a wall of flames, blocking Luo Yao’s path.

After casting the runes, this rune master turned around to flee.

Luo Yao stared at the vague figure behind the wall of flames and slowly walked forward.

He didn’t dodge when the two heavy boulders smashed toward him. After the boulders hit him… they cracked and shattered into many pieces. They didn’t even leave a mark on him.

He didn’t dodge the lightning bolt as well, and his speed wasn’t even affected when he got hit in the center of his chest. After the light dispersed, his steps were still steady, and every step covered the exact same distance shockingly.

Luo Yao’s upper body clothes were burned by the lightning bolt, and his bronze skin that was revealed had a cold metallic tone.

The heavy boulders shattered, and the lightning bolt disappeared.

Luo Yao moved again and punched at the wall of flames. Then, he turned around and left without saying a word.

After the wall of flames disappeared, the soldiers of Great Sui rushed forward and didn’t find that top-tier level 8 rune master.

Only when the soldiers went through the gate did they find that the corpse of the rune master was inlaid inside the staircase before the Royal Palace of Shang. There were at least 50 meters from the gate to the staircase.

No one knew if the rune master got to the staircase before he got hit, or he was struck and flew for 50 meters before getting inlaid in the staircase.

Fang Jie heard this story when he fled to Southern Yan and lived in Dali City, and he couldn’t calm himself down when he pictured the dominating punch that Luo Yao used.

Although this story was passed around for 15 years and was probably exaggerated, it didn’t stop Fang Jie from making it his goal to become someone like Luo Yao.

Luo Yao couldn’t cultivate, and Fang Jie couldn’t as well.

Qi was intangible, but body was tangible.

Couldn’t sense the sea of qi…

Fang Jie slowly opened his eyes and looked at the sky.

“Then, I will stop thinking about it. The human body is the strongest weapon.”

While Fang Jie made the decision of giving up on cultivation, someone suddenly stopped moving in the second carriage of the caravan fleet; she looked in Fang Jie’s direction. Although her eyes couldn’t penetrate the carriage, she seemed to see something.

She put down the jade cup and looked toward Aunt Xi who was meditating with her eyes closed.

Aunt Xi smiled and shook her head. “Grandpa Luo is here. Don’t worry.”

Xi Zhuxin slowly raised the jade cup, and then she stopped and said, “This time… It feels like Grandpa Luo can’t handle it this time.”

Aunt Xi froze for a second and stood up. She looked around for a while and found a delicate red sandalwood box before taking something out.

“Hadn’t used it in ten years. I wonder if it is still useful,” she sounded lonely as if she thought of something.

At this moment, Mu Xiaoyao who was sleeping in the compartment of Fang Jie’s carriage suddenly sat up. As her expression changed, she jumped out of the compartment and flashed to Fang Jie’s side.

Seeing Mu Xiaoyao coming his way, Fang Jie smiled and asked, “What? Other than sensing powerful masters, did you sense that a tough person like me made a big decision? Did my decision alter the air?”

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