Chapter 299: The Charm in the Bathroom (Part One)

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When Fang Jie left East 18th Road, all he heard the civilians chat about was the execution.

More than 2,000 prisoners were killed, and the corpses were transported out of Chang’an in horse-drawn carriages that lined up for about one kilometer. Blood poured out of those horse-drawn carriages like waterfalls as they moved out of the city.

For some reason, Fang Jie was glad that he didn’t go to the execution ground to watch everything.

It must be shocking yet bloody.

Fang Jie could imagine the bloody scene in his head when he heard the conversations among those excited civilians.

These civilians didn’t feel sympathetic toward those rebels at all. In their opinion, rebellion was a huge crime, and those who dared to get involved in it should bear all the consequences.

“Did you see that most of the criminals peed their pants when they were about to be executed?” a civilian said.

His peer nodded. “I did. Also, the howls and screams could be heard in half of the city. If they are so afraid of death, why did they participate in the rebellion?”

“Not all of them deserve to die. Some of them don’t know that people in their families were a part of the rebellion.”

“They are truly unlucky to be born in the families that have rebels.”

“What was that Royal King Yi thinking? Great Sui is safe and prosperous, and our military is expanding the territory in the northwest. Why would he rebel?”

“He just wants to be the ruler!” a pedestrian sneered, “Greed is the root of all evil. Indirectly killing so many people just because he wants to be the ruler. If I’m in charge of the Ministry of Justice, I would put thousands of cuts on that degenerate.”


“Cut him thousands of times!”

Fang Jie wasn’t surprised when he heard these comments.

The Emperor should be happy to have such civilians, and Fang Jie understood why the Emperor chose not to reveal the loss in the northwest to the public.

The civilians needed an invincible and stable Great Sui. They were already used to victory, and they might not be able to accept the fact that 700,000 soldiers were wiped out in the northwest.

The loss in the northwest was huge. It wasn’t just those 700,000 soldiers and millions of laborers. There were also weapons and armor that could equip more than one million soldiers as well as a ton of food and supplies.

The Emperor prepared for this expedition for a long time, and all the equipment and supplies that were transported to the northwest became the rebels’ spoils of war.

With the equipment, the rebels could organize the captives and bandits.

Different from the central circuits in Great Sui, although the three circuits in the northwest were big, the climate was poor for agriculture and commerce. Not much food and money would be left after paying all the taxes. People could barely get by, but the government would need to transport a ton of food to the northwest if there was a drought or flood.

If the rebels controlled the food storages, they could tempt the civilians in the northwest to join the rebel forces. The civilians would be against the rebels in the beginning, but March was the time where many families would need food subsidies from the government. In order to survive, they might join the rebel forces for food.

Once the news about rebels taking control of the northwest gets out, the government might not be able to take the pressure. That was why the Emperor had to put more emphasis on the southwest. If Luo Yao took this opportunity and blocked the paths into the southwest, Great Sui would break apart.

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