Chapter 299: The Charm in the Bathroom (Part Two)

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Luo Yao had more than 300,000 soldiers. This number came from Wu Yidao, so it was believable. Fang Jie even suspected that Luo Yao had more soldiers under his command.

If Luo Yao rebelled and took control of the four circuits in the southwest, then the central government that didn’t have many soldiers to work with would fall into a worse situation.

The four circuits in the southwest were prosperous with great agricultural climate and terrain, and they had more population than the three circuits in the northwest.

In addition, the civilians in the southwest were more afraid of Luo Yao’s cold-bloodedness compared to their respect for Great Sui. These civilians were a part of the Shang Empire about 20 years ago, and their memories of Shang were still clear. They surrendered due to the military power of Great Sui, but they might become Luo Yao’s soldiers once he rebelled.

The southwest seemed calm, but it was more concerning compared to the northwest.

If both the northwest and southwest were taken by rebel forces, Great Sui would lose close to half of its territory.

Great Sui had 24 circuits, and nine of them were in the west region. Right now, Li Yuanshan controlled the three in the northwest.

If Luo Yao took the four in the southwest, the two remaining circuits in between them wouldn’t last long.

If Luo Yao attacked soon, the government wouldn’t have enough soldiers to guard those two circuits.

This trip to the southwest was a dangerous journey.

If Luo Yao was to rebel, Fang Jie would be killed as a sacrifice for the pre-war ritual.

When the Emperor was the most anxious, Luo Yao sent people to Chang’an, asking the Emperor to grant the marriage between Luo Wen and the First Princess. Who knew what Luo Yao was thinking about?

While Fang Jie pondered about all those issues, he walked back to his shop. He looked at the empty street and felt desolated. It was March, and the street should be bustling; why was it so dead?

When Fang Jie walked into the shop, Mu Xiaoyao who had been waiting for him in the living room stood up. Fang Jie waved his hand and sat down on a chair in fatigue.

“Fang Jie, what happened?” Mu Xiaoyao was sensitive and detected Fang Jie’s strangeness.

“Nothing. When I came back from the academy, I ran into prisoners who were soon executed. There were more than 2,000 prisoners, and blood washed the street.”

After replying, Fang Jie glanced around and didn’t see Chen Qingshan. “Where is Qingshan?”

“She said that she wanted to walk around, and I didn’t ask her where she was going,” Mu Xiaoyao replied while shaking her head.

Fang Jie nodded, drank some water, and said, “We need to prepare. The edict sending me to the southwest will be here any day now. I asked Luo Weiran, so you will be coming with me. Every one of us needs to go on this trip. If something goes wrong, we can escape and not come back to Chang’an.”

“Do you have a bad feeling?” Mu Xiaoyao asked.

Fang Jie nodded and said, “I feel like this trip to the southwest wouldn’t be smooth.”

“I’m going to take a bath,” Fang Jie said to Mu Xiaoyao with a smile. Then, he stretched his body and added, “Zhuang Dei is dead; she was one of the prisoners who got executed today.”

Mu Xiaoyao’s impression of Zhuang Dei wasn’t clear; she vaguely recalled a pretty girl.

“Sister Xiaoyao, can you scrub my back for me?” Fang Jie suddenly said this, and Mu Xiaoyao instantly blushed. She had helped Fang Jie bathe many times; Fang Jie grew up in her arms.

“Oh…” She nodded.

She followed behind Fang Jie and didn’t know what to do. Before coming to Chang’an, she never felt this way. She always felt like Fang Jie was still a child that she needed to grab by the belt when escaping. However, this boy had grown into a man.

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