Chapter 299: The Charm in the Bathroom (Part Three)

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After walking into the bathroom, Fang Jie took off his clothes, sat in the wooden tub, and closed his eyes.

He was used to taking cold baths, regardless of the season.

Mu Xiaoyao grabbed a wooden bucket and poured cold water onto his body until the water level of the tub reached Fang Jie’s neck.

Seeing Fang Jie’s masculine body and the bulging muscles, Mu Xiaoyao blushed even more. She looked like a peach blossom.

She sat down beside the wooden tube and slowly washed Fang Jie.

“Sister Xiaoyao, was coming to Chang’an the right decision?” Fang Jie asked.

“Why are you asking?” Mu Xiaoyao asked as her fingers caressed Fang Jie’s chest.

“If we didn’t leave Fangu, we might be dead already. It seems like coming here is the right decision, but how come I feel like I’m not myself anymore?” Fang Jie took a deep breath and said bitterly, “I know that Zhuang Dei deserves to die; no one can save her since she was involved in the rebellion. How come I feel so anxious? Am I becoming more coldblooded?”

Fang Jie turned around, grabbed Mu Xiaoyao’s hands, and rested his head on Mu Xiaoyao’s chest as if he was seeking warmth. Soon, the water on his hair wetted Mu Xiaoyao’s red dress, the red dress that Fang Jie was extremely familiar with.

“You are the same.” Mu Xiaoyao embraced Fang Jie’s head subconsciously and rested her chin on Fang Jie’s forehead. “There is too much pressure on you. Before leaving Fangu, we were protecting you. Now, you are trying to protect us and shoulder all the burden. You are tired, so your mind is thinking about many things.”

Mu Xiaoyao’s scent gradually calmed Fang Jie, and he said, “Sister Xiaoyao, I’m afraid that I would get used to all the schemes in the political circle one day. I might get used to watching on the sideline coldly and killing people coldheartedly.”

“Why are you thinking so much?” Mu Xiaoyao caressed Fang Jie’s face and said, “Don’t worry. If it gets to that point, we will just escape this place together. Even if the world is your enemy, we will be standing behind you.”

Fang Jie’s heart trembled when he heard Mu Xiaoyao say this.

“Sister Xiaoyao…” Fang Jie raised his head and looked at Mu Xiaoyao’s exquisite face. He suddenly wrapped his arms around her neck and kissed her with force.

Mu Xiaoyao’s body turned stiff, and she didn’t know where to put her hands. The kiss was long, long enough to suffocate her.

Mu Xiaoyao’s face was burning when the kiss was over.

“Fang Jie…” She felt anxious and didn’t know what to say.

Fang Jie sealed her lips again and then suddenly lifted her off the ground before putting her on top of him.

The wooden tube was big enough for two people, but the tube overflowed with a ton of water splashing out.

Mu Xiaoyao’s red dress got all wet, and it pressed tightly onto her skin, showing her perfect curves.

“Give it to me.” Fang Jie kissed her face and ears.

Mu Xiaoyao knew that this day would come, but she wasn’t ready yet. She looked down at Fang Jie and felt a little anxious.

She hugged Fang Jie and sensed his body temperature.

“I…” She opened her mouth and raised her hands to unbutton her red dress in the end.

Fang Jie suddenly stopped her and shook his head. “Just wear this red dress.”

He lifted Mu Xiaoyao by the waist and asked her to place her hands on the edge of the tube. In this position, Mu Xiaoyao’s waist seemed even more slender, and her butt seemed plumper.

Fang Jie’s hands shivered as he lifted her dress from the bottom and took off her undergarment with force.

The red dress contrasted with Mu Xiaoyao’s dazzling fair skin, and her peach-like butt was enchanting.

Fang Jie placed his hands on Mu Xiaoyao’s waist, and the perfect curves made his blood boil.

Mu Xiaoyao’s beautiful legs were stiff; she was extremely nervous.

Fang Jie sensed her warmth and thrust forward.

It was a little aggressive and a little possessive.

[TL Note: This scene finally happened after so many chapters.]

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