Chapter 3: Too Many Unknown Things (Part One)

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When Li Xiaozong first came to Fangu City, he wanted to raid Nirvana City on the other side of Wolf Breast Mountain Range with the 800 soldiers many times. He even created a will for this aspiration. After all, instigating a war between the two empires was a great crime. Even though he was born in Long-West Li Family, he couldn’t bear it.

It was different to start a war with the Mongo-Yun Empire. If someone provoked the Yan Empire to the south of Mountain Yan, the high-level officials in the Ministry of War would praise this person’s bravery. However, this person would be an idiot if he targeted Mongo-Yuan.

Of course, it didn’t mean that the Ministry of War didn’t dare to face the provocation if it came from Mongo-Yuan.

Although the power that Great Sui showcased in the last 100 years was strong, the title of the most powerful empire still belonged to Mongo-Yuan. In terms of territory, it was only smaller compared to the sum of the territories of Great Sui, Southern Yan, Eastern Chu, and Northern Liao.

When mentioning Mongo-Yuan, one had to talk about the Great Snow Mountain to the extreme west of the Mongo-Yuan Empire. The Great Wheel Temple was on the mountain, and the Great Wheel Wisdom King lived in it.

Most people in the world believed in Buddhism. Except for Great Sui which promoted Daoism, other empires treated Buddhism as the imperial religion, and they respectfully addressed the Great Wheel Wisdom King as the Buddha.

The Great Snow Mountain, the Great Wheel Temple, and the Great Wheel Wisdom King were in the Mongo-Yuan Empire, and that was the only reason why Great Sui was cautious of Mongo-Yuan.

The military of Great Sui was fearless of the millions of wolf cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan, and they weren’t as respectful toward the 3,000 golden-body monk soldiers of the Great Snow Mountain as people in other empires.

Soldiers were born to battle, so they should be fearless.

Since the establishment of Great Sui, the royal family promoted Daoism. Although it wasn’t recognized as the imperial religion, it was popular in the empire after about 100 years of work. Even though monks would come to Great Sui to spread Buddhism, it was hard for them to be respected.

It was heard that the Great Wheel Wisdom King’s second disciple, Heavenly Lord of Wisdom, wanted to visit Great Sui, but the people at the Ministry of Rites didn’t take him seriously.

Since this figure wanted to meet the emperor, he had to go through the official procedures. He had to hand in the letter, stay in the official hostel, and wait until the emperor summoned him. His treatment was no different from envoys from other empires.

Upon hearing the response, Heavenly Lord of Wisdom signed, “Master said that the east is the land of demons, especially Great Sui. I wanted to come here and save some people from the Sea of Bitterness, yet these people are enjoying themselves here. If the Sea of Bitterness is their paradise, I won’t come here again.”

Huai Qiugong, the Head of the Ministry of Rites, laughed and called this man thick-skinned after hearing this comment.

The Emperor of Great Sui also commented in private, saying that the buddha and heavenly lords were a bunch of hypocrites.

One important note was that the rise of Daoism benefited from one of the emperor’s casual thoughts. He felt like his empire should have a religion that could rival Buddhism, so he promoted Daoism.

Therefore, Daoism’s influence in Great Sui was far weaker compared to the influence that Buddhism had on other empires, even though Spiritual Master Xiao of One Qi Daoist Temple on Pure Joy Mountain showed a miracle.

[TL Note: I will stay true to the novel and use ‘qi’, which means life energy in direct translation.]

During April of that year, tens of thousands of acres of peach trees appeared all over Pure Joy Mountain overnight. After one night, peach blossoms appeared. After another night, peaches were ripe. Then, Spiritual Master Xiao invited many immortals to descend from Heaven and enjoy liquor. It was heard that many villages in the area saw colorful clouds around the mountain and heard immortal music, but they couldn’t see the faces of the immortals.

From that incident onward, Daoism became popular.

Of course, when the Heavenly Lord of Wisdom heard this on the Great Snow Mountain, he smiled and said, “An insignificant skill.”

When this comment was passed back to Pure Joy Mountain, Spiritual Master Xiao also smiled and said, “A bald donkey farted.”

The Emperor of Great Sui didn’t say anything about the miracle, but he laughed when hearing Spiritual Master Xiao’s comment. Afterward, he gave Spiritual Master Xiao the title – Imperial Teacher.

However, these things were too far away from Fang Jie who was in Fangu City.

After he somehow came to this world, Fang Jie was more interested in surviving, and then it was how to live well, and the last thing on his mind was how to maintain it.

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