Chapter 30: Women Know How to Kill as Well (Part One)

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Fang Jie looked at the 500 elite soldiers and suddenly felt like there was no way out.

He knew that powerful individual strength could affect the outcome of a small-scale battle, but he didn’t think that there was anyone in the world who could win a 1v500 battle. A powerful master might not even win against 500 hooligans, let alone 500 elite soldiers.

Without question, the elite soldiers before Fang Jie were well-trained, and 50 of them could take on hundreds of hooligans. One elite soldier might only be able to defeat three to five hooligans, but the combat strength of a team might be ten times the sum of all their power.

These soldiers’ coordination was impeccable, and five of them could form a small plum blossom array. Once the array was in form, dozens of enemies wouldn’t be able to defeat them.

Besides, Fang Jie saw that all 500 soldiers were carrying strong bows.

Although the crippled old man only showed a sliver of his strength, Fang Jie knew that he was a sickeningly powerful master who could take on dozens if not hundreds of people. However, even if this old man was powerful, how could he win against 500 strong bows?

Fang Jie’s expression turned ugly, and so did that of the crippled old man.

“What do you think?” he asked Mu Xiaoyao.

Staring at the iron-like formation, she replied almost without hesitation, “I can’t think of a way other than escaping. However, I’m worried that we can’t even escape.”

Da Quan appeared a lot calmer. “I think I’m still able to get away.”

The crippled old man rolled his eyes and said after inhaling deeply, “It is rare for level 9 masters to battle. To my knowledge, that incident ten years ago was where the greatest number of level 9 masters battled. Except for that time, Savage Luo killed several top-tier level 8 masters when he conquered Shang 15 years ago. Now thinking back, it seems like these were the only two incidents where level 9 masters showed their strength in the last 15 years.”

Then, he sneered and said, “Because level 9 masters rarely move, people lost the most basic respect and fear toward us.”

Hearing this, Fang Jie’s eyes lit up. He became expectant of what was going to happen. In reality, he wanted to see how powerful level 9 masters who stood on the top of the power pyramid were. He had never heard of the battle ten years ago where many level 9 masters participated, but the story about Luo Yao killing his enemies 15 years ago stimulated him. Every man had the dream of becoming a supreme master. The powerful masters in stories could ignite this dream.

Not only was Fang Jie excited, but Mu Xiaoyao and Da Quan were also both looking forward to this.

They were cultivators, so they had a deeper understanding of what level 9 masters meant compared to that of Fang Jie. Level 9 masters didn’t only have top-level status in the world; they had also broken multiple limitations of humans.

Just as what this crippled old man had said, level 9 masters rarely showed their hands, and everyone couldn’t resist seeing masters on this level battle.

The crippled old man drank from his giant liquor gourd and then passed it to Mu Xiaoyao.

“Hold it for me,” he said.

This was Mu Xiaoyao’s first time viewing this average-looking crippled old man in a serious light. Then, she took the liquor gourd and looked at this old man with respect.

“Gulp!” The northwest liquor flowed into this crippled old man’s stomach, and then he stepped forward.

“Bow!” As soon as he took a step forward, the Major who was in iron armor instantly raised his command flag.

When the order was issued, all 500 soldiers took the strong bows on their backs in unison. At the same time, the square formation turned into a half-moon formation. In just a minute, the half-moon formation moved and placed the entire caravan fleet of Beckon of the Red Sleeve inside the attack range.

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