Chapter 302: It Is Fate (Part One)

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Fang Jie chatted and drank with these big figures absentmindedly. Since he was the guest, he drank more than anyone else. The good thing was that his alcohol tolerance had increased drastically over the last while, so he didn’t embarrass himself by puking.

It wasn’t too hard for Fang Jie to deal with such social occasions. He was quite used to talking about what interested other people, and he would smile and listen attentively without showing any negative expressions.

While chatting with these people, Fang Jie quickly filtered through all the information that Zhuo Buyi told him earlier.

Although he had been in this world for more than 16 years and stayed in Chang’an for close to two years, he didn’t completely understand the political circle of Great Sui.

In his mind, this world was like ancient China, so he subconsciously assumed that all his knowledge obtained from TV dramas were applicable in this world. It wasn’t the case.

He thought that the Crown Prince’s Study Attendant would be a crown prince’s playmate, but he was wrong. From Zhuo Buyi’s description, these study attendants would be the most important officials once a crown prince became the ruler. Once a crown prince matured, his status would increase, and so would his study attendants. The Crown Prince’s Junior Teacher, the Crown Prince’s Junior Master, and the Crown Prince’s Junior Guard were all rank 2 official positions.

Since these people would have spent a ton of time with the crown prince, their loyalty should be high, so they would help with the management of Great Sui.

It made sense why Fang Jie didn’t know about this; it was rare to see the people in these positions in Great Sui. Huai Qiugong was the last Crown Prince’s Study Attendant in recent years.

According to tradition, an emperor wouldn’t decide on which one of his sons would be the crown prince early on. He would only decide when his sons were mature, and he would choose the strongest one.

Unless this emperor only had one son, that was the standard process.

Right now, the Emperor only had one son named Yang Chengqian.

Also, the Emperor almost had no lust. The love between him and the Queen was strong, and he rarely visited his concubines. In the last two years, the Emperor rarely touched women. Other than a few concubines who were talented in fields such as playing musical instruments and massage, others didn’t even get to see the Emperor.

About two years ago, all the officials jointly wrote a letter, asking the Emperor to select more girls into the Royal Palace. However, most of these girls had never seen the Emperor after two years.

Heavenly-Bless Emperor Yang Yi wasn’t lustful and rarely went on trips. He was like an administrative machine, and his life was monotone.

Although many officials were against it, the Emperor decided on the crown prince early. Now, the personnel for the Crown Prince East Palace needed to be chosen.

Fang Jie felt like it was strange for the Emperor to plan so far ahead and select the right officials for the Crown Prince. The Emperor should be able to stay on the throne for 20 more years.

Perhaps he drank too much, Fang Jie’s head was messy with thoughts; he could barely stay awake.

“I have already notified His Majesty, and His Majesty permitted it,” Huai Qiugong said with a smile. He didn’t drink much, but his face was already red.

“Although His Majesty tried to make me stay, I’m way too old. I now need people to support me when walking, so I can’t occupy a big seat in the government. When I can still move, I want to go back to my hometown in Yangtze-South. I will be able to clean the tombstones of my ancestors and have a good look at my hometown.” Huai Qiugong turned to Fang Jie and said with a smile, “I planned to go back alone, but I can now travel south with Mr. Fang.”

“Huh?” Fang Jie was surprised.

“Mr. Fang, are you not willing to travel with me?” Huai Qiugong asked with slight drunkenness.

“I’m just flattered!” Fang Jie explained in a hurry, “Senior Huai, you are a pillar in the government. It is a pity that you are resigning.”

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