Chapter 303: Deep in Prison (Part One)

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While Zhuo Buyi walked back with Fang Jie, they encountered fully-armed patrol soldiers frequently. Although Royal King Yi and his henchmen were captured, the atmosphere in Chang’an was still tense.

Judging from the number of patrol soldiers, the effect of this case wasn’t over.

“You are the luckiest young man I have ever seen,” Zhuo Buyi said while walking, “In less than two years, you obtained a rank 5 military position and a viscount noble title, yet you haven’t even graduated from the Martial Arts Academy. You are the first in the history of Great Sui. How come I didn’t feel like you are this special when I first met you? There are more impressive young men. How come you improved so much in about a year?”

Fang Jie replied with a smile, “I believe my abilities are fitting for my current achievements. If you keep on saying that I’m all luck, it would mean that His Majesty isn’t good at judging people.”

“Yuck!” Zhuo Buyi rolled his eyes. “Are you trying to pressure me with His Majesty?”

He added, “No one could have anticipated your rise last year. Other than your hard work, you came to the Capital at the right time.”

Fang Jie knew that Zhuo Buyi was correct. Huai Qiugong was old, so the Emperor needed to create a new symbol for the people from poor backgrounds.

Although there were some ups and downs, it didn’t take long for the Emperor to decide on Fang Jie.

Royal King Yi’s rebellion wasn’t good for Great Sui nor the Emperor, but it was good for Fang Jie. The Emperor trusted him more, and Wu Yidao was touched by his actions.

It was undeniable that Fang Jie wouldn’t be able to reach his current height if it wasn’t for the chaos.

He was already a viscount at the age of 17.

It would be impossible to achieve this without many counts of military merit, but he got it.

The most alluring reward was that the Emperor had the intention of sending him into the Crown Prince East Palace; it made others more envious compared to the rank 5 military position and the viscount title.

“I thought His Majesty would let you handle the Intelligence Department after Hou Wenji’s betrayal,” Fang Jie said seriously.

Zhuo Buyi shook his head and said, “His Majesty did want that, but I would never step into the political circle. It is better to have no official position. During today’s gathering, did you see me flatter anyone? I don’t like all the schemes and publicity.”

Fang Jie asked in confusion, “Isn’t it a good thing for the Royal Guard if you take over the Intelligence Department?”

“Fang Jie, sometimes your mind is simple like that of a child,” Zhuo Buyi sighed, “Although His Majesty said that he wants me to take over the Intelligence Department, he wouldn’t make this decision. Royal Guard Captain Luo and Hou Wenji seemed friendly to each other, but they weren’t close; that was what His Majesty wanted. His Majesty doesn’t want his officials to be too close. I’m too close with Royal Guard Captain Luo; His Majesty wouldn’t feel safe about it. His Majesty only mentioned it to me to let me know that he trusts me.”

Fang Jie froze for a second and rubbed his brows. “I did drink too much today; I’m getting dumber and dumber.”

“Too many people are involved in Royal King Yi’s case; you can’t even imagine. You don’t know anything about the big families’ movements in secret. Most of the officials involved with Royal King Yi are from big families, and the punishment for big crimes such as rebellion is the execution of all family members and relatives.”

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