Chapter 303: Deep in Prison (Part Two)

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“More than 30,000 prisoners were executed in the last month, but His Majesty kept a delicate balance. He didn’t step back down against these big families, but he also didn’t severely injure those families. At this moment, His Majesty doesn’t want to completely offend these big families. The government would still need their support if there is another expedition to the west.”

Zhou Buyi shook his head and added, “You might not believe this, but some people are still speaking for Royal King Yi, hoping that His Majesty would spare Royal King Yi’s life.”

“How is this possible?” Fang Jie frowned. “If such a big crime could be pardoned, then the laws of Great Sui would all be jokes.”

Zhuo Buyi replied, “Do you think these people don’t know that? They are using this method to pressure His Majesty to be lenient on people who are involved in this case. His Majesty wouldn’t spare Royal King Yi, but he can’t fight all those big families. Both sides are probably going to take a step back. The big families will support His Majesty’s decision of executing Royal King Yi, and His Majesty will pardon some of their people.”

“Such a headache!” Fang Jie rubbed his head and said, “So many people are involved. His Majesty must have a bigger headache.”

“His Majesty doesn’t lack courage and determination,” Zhou Buyi sighed, “But this isn’t a peaceful time. The treasury has enough money and food to support a second war. But if it gets dragged on, the government will need to rely on those big families’ contributions. Unless necessary, His Majesty wouldn’t increase taxes on civilians.”

There were three levels in the secret prison of the Royal Guard.

The prisoners on the first level were vicious, but their weight was nothing compared to the prisoners on the second level and third level.

The prison under the Ministry of Justice wasn’t secure enough, so many cultivation masters were locked in the secret prison of the Royal Guard.

Fang Jie was imprisoned on the second level a while back.

After returning from the Crystal Pavilion, Luo Weiran went to inspect the third level habitually. After two important prisoners were locked here, he would need to inspect this place at least three times a day.

The security level of the secret prison drastically increased starting from the second level.

Many royal guards stood on two sides of the corridor with their hands on their sabers. Not even a mosquito could escape their detection. Also, many hidden traps were installed in the corridor. If someone tried to barge through, he would be taken down by these traps. Also, there were three massive metal doors that weighed more than five tons each; even an immortal couldn’t escape if the doors were shut.

Even with this level of security, Luo Weiran still didn’t feel like it was enough. The prisoners on the third level were too important.

The farthest prison cell was made with a unique process, and Spiritual Master Xiao of Pure Joy Mountain was locked inside.

Spiritual Master Xiao’s strength was unimaginable, so many methods were used to lock him here. Not only did 128 golden needles were pierced into his body to seal his qi-points, but giant iron hooks and chains were also secured in his bones. If he tried to escape, his bones would break.

On the other side of this special prison cell, there was another tough stone room. However, the prisoner inside wasn’t sealed by many methods. Only chains were put around his wrists and ankles, making him unable to move freely.

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