Chapter 303: Deep in Prison (Part Three)

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This stone room’s decoration was simple as well. Just like the cell that held Fang Jie, there was only a stone bed and a chair.

Luo Weiran walked to Xiao Yijiu’s cell and looked in through the barred window.

Xiao Yijiu’s hair was messy, and his head was lowered. It was hard to tell if he was asleep or pondering. His spirit became low since he was captured, and he would go crazy occasionally, saying many random and crazy words.

After checking on Xiao Yijiu, Luo Weiran walked to the other cell.

Although the middle-aged man in the stone room was in a prisoner’s uniform and had iron chains around his wrists and ankles, he stood in the room with his hands behind his back as he looked at the empty wall. He still had the temperament of a king.

It was Royal King Yi, Yang Yin.

Hearing the footsteps, Yang Yin turned toward the barred window. He saw Luo Weiran and nodded, and Luo Weiran nodded back.

“I have something to ask you,” Yang Yin asked after a moment of silence, “How many people died because of me?”

“Exactly 31,646 people,” Luo Weiran replied.

Yang Yin’s face changed color, then he slowly shook his head and said, “Did no one dissuade the Emperor?”

Luo Weiran looked at him and didn’t respond.

“So cruel. Although I know that my fourth brother is the cruelest among our brothers, I’m surprised that he killed so many people. Those people were all citizens of Great Sui; doesn’t he feel any pain?” Yang Yin added.

Luo Weiran sighed, “Why aren’t you blaming yourself?”

“Me?” Yang Yin froze for a second and laughed self-mockingly, “Yeah, these people wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for me. Even if my fourth brother is cold-hearted, he wouldn’t kill these people without a reason.”

After a moment of silence, Yang Yin asked, “Can I meet with my fourth brother?”

Luo Weiran shook his head and replied, “His Majesty told me that you aren’t allowed to step out of this cell until your case is prosecuted.”

“Help me!” Yang Yin walked a few steps forward, and the iron chains made a series of metal-colliding noises as they got dragged on the ground. “He can’t kill so many people! If he triggers those big families, it won’t be good for Great Sui! I must meet my fourth… I must meet His Majesty! Just kill me and don’t involve others!”

Luo Weiran sighed, “If you thought about Great Sui, you wouldn’t have rebelled.”

“These are two different things!” Yang Yin said proudly, “If I become the emperor, Great Sui would be in a better shape!”

“Are you still dreaming?” Luo Weiran said in a serious tone, “You never had the chance of winning, and you know this. You have fooled yourself for many years as if you drank a special drug. Isn’t it time to wake up?”

Yang Yin froze for a second, and his body started to shiver.

“I’m set to lose?” he murmured and sat back into his chair softly. “Yeah, I always told myself that I would win, but the voice in my heart was telling me that I can’t win!”

He suddenly looked up and begged, “I want to see the Empress Dowager! I want to talk to His Majesty.”

Luo Weiran shook his head and walked away while saying, “You are still self-centered; you don’t understand the situation. What would change even if you talk with His Majesty?”

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