Chapter 306: Inside and Outside the Dream (Part One)

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The local governments had to treat the imperial commissioners along the way.

The local officials in Capital Region Circuit were reserved since Royal King Yi’s rebellion just passed, so no one dared to be high profile.

However, the officials grew more passionate outside Capital Region Circuit.

Hearing that the imperial commissioner was Mr. Fang who was popular in Chang’an, these local officials and nobles jumped at Fang Jie and almost licked him.

Fang Jie seemed to enjoy this. Although he didn’t accept any money as gifts, he had to participate in two parties a day.

As a result, the team moved slower and slower.

Ye Jinnan of Left Advance Guard talked with Fang Jie three times and wanted him to decline some invitations so that they could move faster.

However, Fang Jie said that he couldn’t upset the local officials and nobles since they were so kind.

Ye Jinnan also brought up the idea of traveling on the river, getting to Yangtze River before switching to Luo River. They would reach Yong State in less than a month.

However, Fang Jie refused and said that he couldn’t ride on boats.

After traveling for one month, they only got to Yangtze-North Circuit; Ye Jinnan’s patience was running out.

As soon as the group got to the capital city of Wei State, Fang Jie got invited by the governor and the deputy governor before they could settle down.

Ye Jinnan was also invited, but he was annoyed and didn’t go with the excuse that he was feeling a little sick.

The group settled down in a residence that a local noble provided; it wasn’t the official inn in the city.

Such a huge residence would be precious in Chang’an.

As soon as Ye Jinnan entered his room, he asked his guard to help him take off his armor. Then, he lay on his bed and felt frustrated.

Fang Jie’s recent behavior was pushing Ye Jinnan to the edge. All soldiers were straightforward, so they hated those who were sly and indirect. However, Ye Jinnan wasn’t dumb and knew that Fang Jie was doing this on purpose.

After thinking about what Great General Luo Yao told him, it wasn’t hard to figure out Fang Jie’s goal. However, because of this, he couldn’t urge Fang Jie too much; it would seem a little fishy if he did that.

While Ye Jinnan felt annoyed, someone pushed open the door and came in.

Ye Jinnan turned his head and saw Lu Ou who was in crutches.

Lu Ou was too severely injured. He would have died from that beating if he was weaker. After resting for a long while, he was now barely able to walk on his own with crutches. He clearly became thinner, and his face was as ugly as that of a zombie.

The chilliest thing was his left wrist that was still wrapped in bandages; his left hand wasn’t there anymore.

Fang Jie destroyed his hand using a brick, and Lu Ou still hadn’t gotten used to living with only one hand.

He would sometimes habitually raise his left arm, wanting to grab a teacup. During those moments, he would feel intense shame and frustration.

“General, if we travel at this speed, we will only get to Yong State in two more months.” Lu Ou sat down and put his crutches to the side.

“You should rest more in your room; walking around wouldn’t do your injuries any good,” Ye Jinnan said as he got up from the bed.

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