Chapter 306: Inside and Outside the Dream (Part Two)

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“I’m already useless; it doesn’t matter.” Lu Ou smiled bitterly and said, “I already thought everything through. I will resign when I get back, and I will live in a remote village for the rest of my life. Although it will be tough with only one hand, I can be a farmer and survive.”

Ye Jinnan felt bad when he heard these sad words. Lu Ou was known in Left Advance Guard as a risk-taker. In several battles against the savages, Lu Ou charged in the front and was never afraid. He was vicious and killed enemies without blinking. Now, it seemed like he had given up on life; it was tragic to see.

Ye Jinnan got up and poured Lu Ou a cup of tea. Then, he patted the latter’s shoulder and said, “Why leave? With your knowledge, you can do great work by training rookies. In a few years, the Great General will promote you.”

“Hehe…” Lu Ou laughed, “I feel too ashamed to stick around.”

He looked up at Ye Jinnan and said, “I know that I was too reckless in Chang’an; I didn’t know about Beckon of the Red Sleeve’s background. I was too reckless in our territory, and I didn’t change in time. I don’t really hate Fang Jie; I only hate myself for bringing shame to the Great General and Left Advance Guard. The soldiers of Left Advance Guard can be punished but not shamed. I would have rather killed Fang Jie and then be executed by the law; it would be better than this.”

“Your personality is still too direct.” Ye Jinnan shook his head and said, “You should rest more. Don’t think about these random things; the Great General wouldn’t blame you.”

“It doesn’t really matter now…” Lu Ou smiled self-mockingly and said, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Did you ask Fang Jie why he is traveling so slow?”

“He is the imperial commissioner,” Ye Jinnan sighed.

“The imperial commissioner… Such an identity,” Lu Ou sneered and walked out while saying, “I’m going back. If Fang Jie still travels this slowly, I will go back to Yong State first on my own.”

“How can you travel on your own like this?” Ye Jinnan was worried.

“I tried to force myself not to think about it, but can you behave like nothing had happened when the person who crippled you is around you all day?” Lu Ou suddenly roared, “I would rather die than being tortured like this!”

“I…” Ye Jinnan froze for a second before shaking his head. “I overlooked this. Since this is the case, I will ask a few people to guard you back. You guys can travel on the river; it will help you relax and recover faster.”

“I’m leaving today; I don’t want to stay here a minute longer,” Lu Ou said to Ye Jinnan.

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Four cavalrymen in the armor of Left Advance Guard quickly left this residence with a horse-drawn carriage, and they quickly disappeared as they dashed toward Yangtze River along the public road, sending dust into the air.

Inside the horse-drawn carriage, Lu Ou lifted the curtain and peeked out with a cold smile on his face.

He had had enough; he wanted to return to Yong State first.

When seeing Fang Jie’s careless face, Lu Ou had the urge of charging up and tearing him into pieces.

If Fang Jie acted proud and arrogant, perhaps Lu Ou wouldn’t have this much hatred. However, Fang Jie completely ignored him as if he was nothing.

This made Lu Ou more frustrated.

Along the way from Chang’an to this place, Lu Ou rarely left his horse-drawn carriage; he didn’t want to see Fang Jie.

He once thought that Fang Jie wouldn’t be pleased to see him, but Lu Ou felt like he was a clown when Fang Jie completely ignored him like this.

That was why he asked Ye Jinnan to let him leave first. He wanted to rush back to Yong State and see Luo Wen. He knew that there was a conflict between Luo Wen and Fang Jie.

Luo Wen wouldn’t allow Fang Jie to get to Yong State smoothly if Lu Ou instigated the conflict.

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