Chapter 306: Inside and Outside the Dream (Part Three)

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With Luo Wen acting against him, Fang Jie wouldn’t have a good time in Yong State.

“It would be best if Fang Jie’s grave appears in Yong State. If the Junior General doesn’t dare to kill Fang Jie, I will find some people to kill him and frame the Junior General. The Great General wouldn’t watch on the side; he would do things to protect the Junior General. As long as I get back to Yong State…” Lu Ou thought to himself as a cold smile appeared on his face.

About five kilometers away from the city, not many pedestrians could be seen on the public road.

Mangdang Mountain was 15 kilometers away from the city, and the Second Emperor hired 200,000 workers to dig a path through this mountain, shortening the distance between Wei State and Yangtze River dozens of times. The Second Emperor did this to conquer Yangtze-South and expand the territory of Great Sui. The soldiers of Great Sui could travel through this path and easily reach Yangtze River.

That feat took those 200,000 workers about two years to complete.

Seeing Mangdang Mountain, Lu Ou’s mood got better. He would reach the ferry dock once he crossed the mountain, and he could get on a boat. If it was fast, he would be back at Yong State in about 20 days after traveling west against the current of Yangtze River for 75 kilometers and then traveling south on Luo River.

Lu Ou lowered the curtain and closed his eyes to rest.

Perhaps he was too frustrated in the last while, he quickly fell asleep now that he was away from that devil-like young man.

He dreamed that he returned to Yong State and an immortal was waiting for him. He ate the elixir pill that this immortal gave him, and his left hand grew out miraculously.

Then, Fang Jie suddenly appeared in front of him and knelt, begging for his forgiveness.

In the dream, Lu Ou laughed manically and stomped on Fang Jie. Then, he slapped Fang Jie with his new left hand until Fang Jie’s face turned mushy. Also, the little boss of Beckon of the Red Sleeve undressed herself and begged for mercy.

Lu Ou couldn’t help but laugh proudly.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a loud noise, then the horse-drawn carriage shook violently before rolling over.

Lu Ou instantly woke up, but he didn’t get the chance to grab onto anything before the carriage rolled over.

He hadn’t woken up completely, but the carriage smashed into pieces. He fell out of the carriage and landed on the ground.

Lu Ou tried to get up, but his existing injuries were worsened; the pain suffocated him.

He only sat up after breathing fast for a while.

When he looked around, his jaw dropped in shock.

Those four elites of Left Advance Guard were all killed by arrows; they didn’t detect the danger at all. They were veterans, so they were way more sensitive to danger compared to martial arts masters.

Even the driver of the carriage was a veteran.

They all had killed more than a dozen people and experienced deadly situations.

However, they were all killed when Lu Ou was asleep, and they didn’t even get to warn others.

When Lu Ou looked around in fear, he suddenly spotted a young man in black who was holding a strong bow.

This young man walked toward him with a smile, but Lu Ou felt like this young man was more terrifying than a hissing poisonous snake.

Lu Ou’s pupils contracted subconsciously as he thought, “It isn’t like this in my dream!”

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