Chapter 307: Who Are You? (Part Three)

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“Also, I can create the illusion that you are already dead. I can put another corpse next to those five and make it unrecognizable,” Fang Jie said, “I have shown enough sincerity; it is your decision to make.”

“I…” Lu Ou seemed to be hesitating. Luo Yao had complete control of Left Advance Guard and the southwest. It wasn’t easy for someone from the southwest to betray Luo Yao. Luo Yao’s shadow was in the heart of every member of Left Advance Guard.

“I still don’t trust you. I know your plan; you will kill me after getting all the information, right?” Lu Ou asked with his shaky voice.

Fang Jie shook his head powerlessly and said, “Alright, I don’t need to get another corpse then.”

After that, he took out a dagger from his leather bag and walked toward Lu Ou.

Lu Ou shivered and moved back on the ground while saying, “Let me think for a bit longer! Don’t kill me!”

“I have already given you the chance.” Fang Jie walked forward and said while playing with the dagger, “You don’t believe you can live, so I don’t need to waste time. I can find another helper in the southwest; a ton of rewards and a bright future will move some people.”

After saying that, Fang Jie lifted the dagger, and the dagger reflected a chilly light.

“The Great General doesn’t want to rebel!” Lu Ou suddenly roared, “I have followed the Great General for many years, and I never heard anything about him having such a plan! The Great General has guarded the southwest for Great Sui for many years, and he has earned many counts of military merit. I don’t understand why His Majesty is suspicious of him! No one in Left Advance Guard wants to rebel!”

“Really?” Fang Jie asked as he squatted before Lu Ou.

“Of course!” Lu Ou shouted, “The Great General doesn’t have wild ambitions!”

Fang Jie snorted, “If that is the case, then why is Great General Luo Yao interacting with members of the Buddhist Sect?”

“Huh?” Lu Ou gasped subconsciously. “How… How do you know?”

Fang Jie sneered, “His Majesty wouldn’t investigate a great general without evidence. You know that investigating a great general might force him to rebel, but I’m still here. What does this mean?”

“The Great General… He… He did meet members of the Buddhist Sect twice, but that has nothing to do with rebellion. It was heard that they want to promote Buddhism in the southwest, so they visited the Great General!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Fang Jie said with a smile, “Just meeting with members of the Buddhist Sect is a huge crime, and Lu Yao would need to explain himself to His Majesty. I also know that Luo Yao has warlocks working in his residence. It is also a huge crime.”

Lu Ou’s pupils contracted, and his face turned pale.

“Who… Who are you? Why do you know so much?”

Lu Ou was truly afraid. Fang Jie was like an omniscient devil in his eyes.

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