Chapter 308: Rest in Peace Underground (Part Two)

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Fang Jie sighed and took out a rope from his leather bag. He hung Lu Ou on a tree, and blood dripped down his left leg.

Then, Fang Jie took out a pointy bamboo tube from the bag, walked to Lu Ou, and asked seriously, “I still held back since you were honest when answering the first question. I will ask you again; when did Luo Yao bring those warlocks into his residence?”

“I…” Lu Ou hesitated, but Fang Jie didn’t.

He pierced that thin bamboo tube into the major artery in Lu Ou’s left leg, and blood soon flowed out of the tube and dyed the grass underneath red.

“If I don’t take out this tube, you would die from bleeding in about an hour. Your corpse will be dry without blood, and even wolves wouldn’t eat you. You can imagine the bleeding process. Although it isn’t too painful, you can clearly sense your decay as strength leaves your body.”

Fang Jie walked to a boulder, sat down, and put the tobacco pipe in his mouth. He lit the tobacco pipe and inhaled the smoke. “Although I don’t have much time, I can wait to see your death.”

“A long time ago! Warlocks have been around the Great General from long ago!” Lu Ou begged, “Please take the tube out of my leg.”

“The time and the number of warlocks,” Fang Jie said as he spat out some smoke; he didn’t stand up.

“The Junior General mentioned it to me once. He said that the Great General believes in the abilities of these warlocks, and he only attacked those savage tribes since those warlocks in his residence weren’t willing to listen to his command. I heard that the Great General never let those warlocks walk out of his residence; they are all working on something in a hidden place in the residence.”

“The Junior General got extremely drunk once and seemed displeased with something. He said that the Great General has been like this since he was young. He had asked his mother and learned that the Great General’s personality changed after Luo Wu, the Great General’s first son, died. After conquering the Shang Empire, the Great General got to his current position and learned about these warlocks. Then, he started to gather these people in secret.”

“No one knows why the Great General is looking for these people.”

“Perhaps only the Junior General and the Great General’s wife know something.”

Lu Ou’s face paled as he said that, and he breathed heavily. He begged, “Please take out the bamboo tube from my leg; I don’t want to die.”

“There is no hurry.” Fang Jie shook his head and said, “Continue. Since Luo Yao has been looking for these people, there must be many warlocks in his residence. There must be clues. Think about what these warlocks were doing.”

Lu Ou’s expression seemed complicated since he was so anxious. “Let me think…”

Lu Ou’s brows twisted even more when he saw all the blood dripping out of the bamboo tube; the fear intensified in his mind.

“I remember something now. Those warlocks rarely come out, but once a warlock came out and told the guards to get the blood of male infants. Also, the Great General seemed to be enraged more than a dozen years ago and killed many warlocks. My father was a guard in the Great General’s residence at the time, and he once told me that whines and screams sounded in the back of the residence for a long time. Later, he saw the people coming out with many corpses.”

“How many years ago?” Fang Jie instantly asked.

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