Chapter 31: The Young Man from Fangu (Part Two)

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Li Luo’s expression was ugly. After a moment of silence, he turned around and left while saying, “Since you guys have his item, you wouldn’t be people who would harm Great Sui. I will go back and ask the General. If you are really a criminal, I will arrest you even if you are inside the Capital.”

“Don’t worry!” Fang Jie replied, “You can come and find me at the Martial Arts Academy.”

Li Luo froze for a second, but he didn’t turn around. He said, “I’m also from the Martial Arts Academy. I hope you can go in, but you need to know that the Martial Arts Academy couldn’t stand wastrels and traitors.”

Li Luo sped up and shouted, “Retreat!”

The 500 elite soldiers quickly all turned around and left. They were still fast and organized.

After these soldiers left, Fang Jie couldn’t remain standing and fell on his butt. Now, he realized that his back was covered in sweat.

“Little Dot, what are you holding?” Even though he was fatigued, Fang Jie still wanted to know what she was holding.

Little Dot rolled her eyes at him and said, “I thought you were really brave! Your act fell apart as soon as they left. You don’t have to worry about what this is; you should go find a place and pant.”

Little Dot turned around and ran back to the carriages of Beckon of the Red Sleeve with her ponytail swaying behind her head.

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“Little Guy, I didn’t know that you are this brave.”

The crippled old man sat on Fang Jie’s carriage, chugged northwest liquor, and laughed, “That Li Luo is a straightforward person; the military of Great Sui doesn’t lack people like him. I like this straightforwardness about the soldiers of Great Sui. They are all cute. However, due to his straightforwardness, his ending wouldn’t be good. He didn’t complete the order and let you go. Even if he doesn’t die, he will lose a layer of skin.”

“F*ck off!” Fang Jie cursed while pointing at the crippled old man’s nose, “I never expected you to be a righteous hero, but I also didn’t know that you would kick someone when he is down! Because of Sister Xiaoyao and your self-claimed level 9 strength, I had some respect for you. But you are so cunning! Go away! Go back to your carriage!”

The crippled old man didn’t get mad; this was unexpected. No presence of a master could be seen on him.

He rubbed his nose and laughed, “Do you really think that I’m afraid of those 500 minions? Although they are elite soldiers of Right Valiant Guard, I’m a level 9 master! The Elite Infantry Battalion and Heavy Cavalry Battalion are Li Yuanshan’s two fierce tigers, but I have my dragon-slaying saber. Would I be afraid of two cats?”

After pausing for a second, he nudged Fang Jie with his shoulder and said, “Take a guess. Why would I move only after they shot the arrows?”

“Because you are a coward!” Fang Jie glared at him before looking away

“Idiot!” the crippled old man cursed, “Because I’m a level 9 master, I won’t do dumb things like killing 500 elite soldiers. Don’t do all the things that you can, do you understand? The most correct decision is to use the least amount of energy to do the most work. You said that you are a qualified scout with 21 counts of military merit? Pah! I intentionally allowed them to shoot! Although the two people around you aren’t great masters, they can block arrows. After the arrows were shot, they had to reload, and I grasped this opportunity and captured their leader. Only those with great strength, superb courage, and high intelligence can do it. If you are dumb, I wouldn’t waste time and explain this to you!”

Fang Jie snorted and didn’t reply.

The crippled old man chugged liquor and said, “In the end, you walked to that major. I can appreciate that.”

Fang Jie pouted and said, “That is real courage!”

“BS!” the crippled old man replied, “You thought that I appreciate your courage? How is that courage? You were two and a half steps away from that major, which is the sum of his arm and saber’s lengths. If you were an inch closer, his saber would be able to easily cut through your throat if he wanted to…”

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