Chapter 32: Sell You Out (Part One)

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The territory of Great Sui was huge. The distances between the northern border and the southern border as well as the eastern border and the western border were all far more than 5,000 kilometers. Since the northern territory of bigger than the southern territory, and the north-south distance was longer than the east-west distance, the territory of Great Sui looked like an upside-down pear.

The shortest horizontal east-west distance of the territory of Great Sui was over more than 5,000 kilometers; this just went to show how big Great Sui was.

Yong State was taken from Shang after Great Sui conquered it, and it was two-thirds the territory of Shang. Yong State was also the biggest state in Great Sui.

After Shang was conquered, Murong Chi, the Crown Prince of Shang who got away, established Southern Yan, and he submitted to Great Sui and called himself the “Child Emperor”. Perhaps Southern Yan was too remote and small; the Emperor of Great Sui wasn’t interested in it, allowing it to survive.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Since Great Sui was established based on the great military, the emperors would each launch a war against the other empires and kingdoms to show that they didn’t abandon their ancestors’ courage and iron will. That was why the members of the military held important positions in the government.

In history, many empires that were established based on powerful militaries would gradually reduce the influence of their generals, afraid that they would rebel. However, Great Sui was different. Since the First Emperor of Great Sui created the empire, every emperor viewed the expansion of Great Sui’s territory as their priority. If they didn’t expand the territory, they wouldn’t even see themselves as qualified leaders.

As a result, the nations around Great Sui lived in fear. Liang, Zhou, Wei, Zhao… the territories of these nations gradually became Great Sui’s states and what the emperors of Great Sui used to brag.

When the last emperor obtained the throne, he had to conquer a place, so he had to attack Shang that had a good relationship with Great Sui.

In this situation, one couldn’t say that the last emperor was too cruel. The emperor before him reduced Eastern Chu that dared to challenge Great Sui to one-fifth of its size. If the last bit of Eastern Chu’s territory wasn’t a peninsula, and its navy wasn’t way stronger than its land units, the last bit of its territory would have been taken.

Therefore, the current emperor, Yang Yi, was having a headache. Since he came into power 11 years ago, he had been looking at the giant map inside his big and luxurious Royal Study every day, trying to find an opponent that dared to challenge Great Sui. However, except for the Mongo-Yuan Empire on the grassland, he couldn’t find another place.

More than courage was needed to attack Mongo-Yuan. All the emperors of Great Sui had courage, but they all chose to stay in peace with Mongo-Yuan.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to or didn’t dare to; they couldn’t do it.

The vast grassland spanned across more than 10,000 kilometers; it was even bigger than the territory of Great Sui. Even though Great Sui was rich and prosperous, and its infantrymen could defeat the cavalrymen of Mongo-Yuan, it couldn’t support such a war. Just the spending on this expedition would suck the empire dry.

More than 500,000 soldiers were needed to attack Mongo-Yuan; how much spending was required for 500,000 soldiers to travel for more than 10,000 kilometers and attack the enemies?

It was impossible! Unless Great Sui had top-tier cavalrymen who could rival those of Mongo-Yuan.

However, cavalry was a chronicle pain for all emperors of Great Sui.

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