Chapter 32: Sell You Out (Part Two)

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This spring, it seemed like there was a medicine for this pain. At the end of March, Right Valiant Guard that protected the northwest sent a team of people into Chang’an. There were only more than 20 of them; they carried few items, and each had two horses to alternate while traveling. Even though this was the case, they traveled for about two months before getting to Chang’an.

These 20-or-so cavalrymen of Right Valiant Guard escorted the people of Northern Liao into the Capital.

These people of Northern Liao were the ones who were arrested by Li Xiaozong at Fangu, and the muscular young man in the lead had distinct characteristics.

The people of Northern Liao were typically bigger, and their skin was smooth and white; this was strange. Since Northern Liao was extremely cold, and 100,000 Mountains lacked resources, their skin should be all red due to the coldness and be tough.

However, their skin was great, especially the women; they were crystal-like as if they were made of snow.

The man in the lead was Wanyan Liyao, and he looked to be in his twenties. His hairstyle was unique to Northern Liao as his forehead was shaved smooth, and his hair was tied into a big shiny braid. His clothes were also different as he wore a jacket, a waistcoat, and a fur robe.

This was Wanyan Liyao’s first time entering this city. He had imagined what Chang’an looked like. He was a creative person, so Chang’an was already huge in his mind. However, when he saw Chang’an from afar, his mouth opened wide subconsciously.

Majestic! Magnificent!

It looked like the boundless 100,000 Mountains!

When Chang’an appeared in Wanyan Liyao’s vision, he couldn’t see its ends. It felt like this great city was created by nature, and it stood proudly in the world. When Wanyan Liyao got close, his mouth was already in pain since it opened too wide for too long.[Support the real translators and read on Noodletown Translations for free.]

Looking up, this city wall was so tall that it seemed like a sharp sword that pierced into the sky. Looking from left to right, the city wall seemed endless.

The cavalrymen of Right Valiant Guard took him through the Qian-Setting Gate, the smallest among the 13 western city gates of Chang’an. Although it was the smallest, it was wide enough for eight horse-drawn carriages to pass through at the same time, and the bronze nails inside the red gate were bigger than human heads.

Wanyan Liyao swallowed with difficulty and murmured, “This is unexpected. I already tried my best to imagine the magnificence of Chang’an, but it is only one-hundredth the size of this city. This isn’t a city; it is a giant mountain range!”

The Captain of the team pouted in contempt, got all the documents at the gate, and entered the city.

Normally, a few people from the cold and remote Northern Liao wouldn’t be received by high-level ceremonies. When the envoy of Northern Liao came last time, he was only received by a rank 6 official at the Ministry of Rites.

It was clearly different this time. After the Captain told him that they arrived, Wanyan Liyao who was stunned into a loss for words recovered a little.

The official inn should be built outside Chang’an. Since Chang’an was too big, if the official inn was outside the city, the officials who had returned from their duties in other regions and envoys of various nations would need to spend too much time on traveling if the Emperor summoned them. Therefore, the official inn was built about five kilometers away from Tai Chi Palace.

Even at the gate of the official inn, Wanyan Liyao was still thinking about how this official inn was fancier than the palace of Earthly Khagan of Northern Liao. He looked around and felt like his eyes weren’t enough to see everything; he looked around like a new-born child.

“Are you Wanyan Liyao?”

While he was thinking to himself, a cold voice sounded behind him with a disdainful tone.

Wanyan Liyao turned around and saw a man in a green official uniform. With the distinct ranking system of Great Sui, anyone could tell that this man was a little rank 7 official.

At Chang’an, even a rank 3 official wouldn’t be count as a big figure, so the residents of Chang’an would ignore a little rank 7 official. However, Wanyan Liyao couldn’t overlook this man. Since he had a huge mission, he read all the books about Great Sui. He knew that this man was a small character, but he still showed enough humbleness and smiled sincerely.

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